Bunnypudding Book Club 

We love to read here at Bunnypudding and share our thoughts via book reviews. 

Emma also hosts the #Witchytype book club over at Digital-coven.com, which has a focus on spirituality and witchcraft along with Tarot card reviews. 

If you wish to recommend a book let us know in the comments below or via email digitalcovenuk@gmail.com 

Bunnypudding is open to most types of books so recommendations from readers and PRs welcomed. 

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Historical Book Reviews: 

‘Anne Boleyn Fan’ Book Review Series – I review every Anne Boleyn book that I have brought and share my thoughts. You’re welcome to join me! 

Historical Hotties Series – I review my favourite books and films around Historical sex work and relationships within history. 

Spiritual and Witchcraft Book Reviews: 

Full Updates on Digital-covens #Witchytype book club page located here 

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