I finally obtain a computer

Hello My darlings, I finally have a laptop. It’s not amazing but I have already grown fond of hearing its little hum as it slowly turns obsolete in this fast paced digtial word. Thus far I have managed not to cover it in nail polish art and stickers, but it is only a matter of time.   Design from Nicotinequeen.  At the minute I am … Continue reading I finally obtain a computer

Happy New Year and shiz

Hello BBz, How was your Christmas and New Year? Mine as usual was not to plan, but luckily didn’t involve A&E. Otherwise, I am all good in the hood and I will fill you in on my absence at some point but until then, let’s keep it light darlings! Stepping away from the traditional “New Years Resolution” post, that is almost as important to the blogging … Continue reading Happy New Year and shiz

Rock Lobsters and Busy Bees

Apologies BBz for my very fashionably timed bog post,  I have been a very busy bee seeing family up north, so I hope that you can forgive me! Not too long ago I lost my old facebook account, which was very distressing, as not only was I forever losing my comic middlename, but I also became untagged from many, many night out photos. This wouldn’t … Continue reading Rock Lobsters and Busy Bees