Busy Bee, Meme’s and talking waffle times.

So I have fallen into that trap of getting my self so busy that procrastination is rearing it’s ugly head..ok that’s a lie, we all know procrastination is a beautiful siren, performing a sultry dance whenever anyone gets a task or ten that they have to finish asap.

So these past few weeks I have been collecting my mass pile of projects and sorting them into spread sheets ( oh how exciting is my life. I do party, but only in sensible shoes now, as we know what happens with me and shoes. It’s an abusive relationship I just keep going back to)

If I am honest though, I am finding that the fog is lifting and organisation is in fact, rather attractive. As my job is mainly online, it can get quite hectic and long winded at points…The internet never sleeps and so sometimes, if I am dealing with other countries, my working hours can get confusing, but it improves your knowledge of the world which is nice. As the world is pretty depressing at times too, I have decided instead to share some of the funniest things I have found on the internet today. Don’t say I am not proactive and uplifting!

You know I like gif’s, you know I like Pictures. If you don’t I have filled you in that I do, so here is some internet merriness-

Grumpy Cat Meme’s-

I don’t know why I find this one so funny, but I really , really do love it <3

Grumpy Cat is a Chap. I do love a chap old Bean –

I adore Beyonce, but this Meme is too funny!-

Cat Meme’s in general make me laugh-

So very true, how do you explain what is a Meme?-


Now all I am going to hear is that lyric in that song…

Vin. Mona.

Oh this story was far too funny, bless the lady!-

funny memes

I actually howled at this one, I do rather <3 Downton abbey –

And now we know guys!-

Rightio, I must continue to actively do productive things such as spend time with spreadsheets and other wonderful forms of software! Feel free to send me your Meme’s!

Love, love Bp Xx


Tuesday News…*tumbleweed* Pass Me The Wine, stat!

As a dyslexic who blogs and writes for a living,  I can completely relate to this little ditty-

Exciting times ahead peeps, I am currently working on my new blogs and I even branched out into entertainment  (a secret passion of mine) Ch- ch-check out the results here – bunnypuddingblogsthebiz

Having Major spacing issues with wordpress at the minute ( why!?!!!!) So my interviews are suffering, they will be with you asap but may or may not be reallycloselyspacedtogether.

Is it the weekend yet? Seriously having a case of wine ‘o’ bloomin clock from like, 10am every morning at present  ( bloggers please get your shit together and post my articles, no one understands that it’s like, totally you and not me at present and that is a problem! ) But otherwise even more excitement ahead…Snowden on Saturday with team Honk , sponsor me here   and then London town baby.

Busy little bunny! Muchos love BBz and I hope you’re all keeping well?

<3 BP Xx

It’s Time We Discussed HONK! ( I Don’t Just Mean As In Honking Boobies!)

Hello Beautiful people! I have the pleasure and privilege of joining the wonderful Team Honk in a sponsored climb of Snowden ( yes as in the mountain, and before you ask my boyfriend will be on hand to provide medical care 5 minutes into my climb)



Please make us look very busy and important ( and more importantly give a little to those in dire need who live around us and in the third world. Me and the boy will ♥ you long time if you do and yes, if we hit our target I will post pictures of me crying/passing out/eating all the minty energy biscuits before we have even left! sponsor us here –




I appreciate your support and look forward to blogging about my adventures!….I also get to fulfil a little blogging dream of mine, I get to meet some of my beloved UK Mummy and Daddy bloggers…SO FOOKING EXCITED ( I’d have to be to be willing to do exercise!)

Hope you’ve had a great weekend BBz and shall be posting my new interviews and London adventures soon..on another note I will be in London March 3rd-5th does anyone have any advice on any people or companies willing to meet with me about helping get promotion and funding for my charity? Can’t give too much details away but very, very exciting time ahead. All advice welcomed  <3


Love love <3

Update- Monday Carnage Part trois

Trois as in page Rank 3! 

I am not ashamed to say that when I first noticed it I took a screen shot as I thought it was just a glitch in the tool bar. After 42 refreshes I realised it may in fact be my real rank..so Yey!

Thank you all for reading my random warbling’s and I promise there’s plenty more to come <3 Thank you BBz!

To show my appreciation please enjoy this delightful film about a teeny tiny piglet-

Stroking a cute owl whilst cackling manically on a Monday.

Where on earth has the weekend gone? The floozy. Showing off her wears for all to see on Friday eve only to scoot off faster than an irate badger commeth Sunday morn.  I have no idea where my weekend has gone, part of it obviously fell into the pit of  alcohol ( you Queen of the harpies you) and a bit contributed to time spent appreciating le bed ( you feathery siren) otherwise I have lost several hours and wish to have them back.

It’s safe to say things have been moving fast this week and I have been able to recover from the snow delay and will be posting my first interviews soon. (hoo fucking ray!) In other news, I have no other news, which in my book is always a good thing.

Monday commeth

As for the rest of this evening I will mainly be manically googling pictures of cute owls. Why? Look, LOOK-

I dare you NOT to go and Google further pictures of cute owls after that.

or sneezy pandas-

Good night BBz <3

Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

Whoot Whoot!

Today was Monday. Monday, sucked ass. Correction, Monday morning sucked ass as I now feel that Monday in fact kicketh ass. Either way Monday featured a lot of ass references.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt (55 pics)

I’m having one of those dilemmas at the minute, where it appears no matter how hard I work I just can’t seem to make progress, it’s like walking through wet sand except I wasn’t given warning of the weather conditions and therefore didn’t have chance to purchase crazy patterned wellies to cheer my cockles as my feet get metaphorically wet. I am determined to get on top of it this evening and once completed I will be riding the rainbow horse to happyville complete with a bottle of rioja and shiny shimmery hair full of erm, magic dust,

or I may just put my onesie on and eat crisps, haven’t quite decided yet.

In other news, one of my besties recently mentioned this little ditty and now I have this on repeat: