Oooooooosssshhhh! New Laptop, ahoy!

So *Que official trumpets* I finally have a new laptop. I know, I know. It only took a year but I am very fortunate to have other devices at hand to help me live my life. Anyhow, I’m now sat very content in front of my brand new laptop buddy, ready to go. I’m brimming full of ideas and creativity. Excited about the literally adventures … Continue reading Oooooooosssshhhh! New Laptop, ahoy!

History Ahoy! Hips Don’t lie…much!

Well Hello There BBz, This week I have been a busy bee writing up some fabulous guest posts for other blogs all about fabulous historical women, so keep an eye out on social media for these, as I will be RTing the links etc. I am often asked by people where my interest in historical fashion comes from, and I must say that it is … Continue reading History Ahoy! Hips Don’t lie…much!

History Ahoy, Sixties Sunday!

Howdy Bbz, I hope that the weekend is treating you well? I am not going to lie, I am still recovering from a great night last night and am now eating my pain away! It makes me so sad that I used to be able to party all of the time whilst suffering very little and now as I edge ever further towards old age … Continue reading History Ahoy, Sixties Sunday!

History Ahoy! LFW Ahoy!

Hi BBz, Apologies for the delay in your historical fashion fix. It’s been a busy week but I have made sure to get some extra lovely historical fashion goodies for you. So you see, I do care. This week we are going to dip our toes into historical fashion influences in pop culture, which if we are honest, are never really that authentic. Reign anyone?! … Continue reading History Ahoy! LFW Ahoy!

History Ahoy- Hair pieces, vintage weddings and historical dress of the week

Bbz, Thank you for the love last week. It was muchos appreciated. Good to know there are a few history fans out there. On that note, i shall jump straight in on the historical round up. First, *queue trumpets* This weeks dress of the week is an easy one. It is this stunning creation by Steamstress “Tudor Dreamers” It’s beautiful. I am in love. ❤ … Continue reading History Ahoy- Hair pieces, vintage weddings and historical dress of the week

Historical Fashion Porn

Hello Darlings! Oh it’s been a good week for historical fashion porn in my social feeds, probably to do with a few of you emailing me some fab sites. Thank you so much! I love getting sent new tip offs, and I certainly liked these two sites that were sent to me via my facebook page – frockflicks  and the fashion historian ( If I could … Continue reading Historical Fashion Porn