I finally obtain a computer

Hello My darlings,

I finally have a laptop. It’s not amazing but I have already grown fond of hearing its little hum as it slowly turns obsolete in this fast paced digtial word. Thus far I have managed not to cover it in nail polish art and stickers, but it is only a matter of time.


Design from Nicotinequeen. 

At the minute I am taking some time off from work to write this post and watch “Made In Chelsea” ( yes I am one of those people) as I am leaving my current job next week so just typing up some protocols. It’s only when you have to put everything down do you realise how much you have learnt. Goodtimes huh?

Anyways my lovelies, I do hope that you are well and I will leave you with a few funnies, because this is my blog, that’s why.


I feels ya.

If ever a picture ever summed me up


It’s this! Malaprop people unite.

We all have a tale to tell kid.


Bit of trivia for you, I used to play flute. Toot.


Cheerio BP Xx

What I did this week.

Lionel. Any excuse.

Its been a busy week for me BBz. The non blogging world has certainly been a buzz, which is never a bad thing and I like to be kept on my feet. I’ve also had a bout of the man flu, so have been confined to my bed just sleeping and eating my pain. Nothing new there then.

Hopefully some of you have managed to keep to your new years resolutions. I have managed to keep ( kinda ) to one of mine, so I am feeling rather nifty about that. The rest, well they can be considered “slung out the window” until January 2016. Otherwise life is good, apart from a severe case of writers block. Which isn’t useful, especially as I am in the process of completing an article for tit-bits.co.uk. Whats a girl to do? I need to find inspiration and fast. Usually waffling on here get my juices flowing but alas, I am waffling but no creative juice is being squeezed. Humph.

In a quest to find inspiration I have been mainly perving on vintage dresses. Because that is my bag baby. Since it has been a week since my last post, I can share another dress of the week ( see being fashionably late can be good for somethings) This weeks is –

Marie Antoinette Court gown 1778-79 This is a modern costume created by Atelier Caraco, though it is indeed a recreation of one of Marie Antoinette’s court gowns! :)

Marie Antoinette Court gown 1778-79 This is a modern costume created by Atelier Caraco.

I also stumbled upon this interesting article about historical fashion

This has also caused me to become a big pinterest whore. Huge. I’m late to the pinning party I know, but shut up!! Follow my exploits here <3 . Here are a few accounts I have been following as of late –

Fashions of Yesteryear 

1800’s fahions 

Any recommendations are welcomed! Anyway I am going to go and get all tucked up in bed with a Lemsip. Eurgh, is there anything on earth worse than a Lemsip.

I hate the bastard. needs must!

Night, night BP Xx

Manic Monday such a fun day!

Bonjour bbz,  how art thou?

Alas, I’ve had a few internet troubles as of late (boo, B.T, boo!) so apologies posts are few and far between, I do love you, I just don’t have opportunity to let you know! ( at least act disheartened by this fact until I leave the room, ok?)

Today is a sad day as it is the last time I see the boi for over 4 months. This is an odd feeling and one I may discuss at sometime but I don’t really have a need to now. You can imagine so we will leave it at that. 

But in the time he has been gone I have, through various testing methods, discovered that I can get the internet on my balcony of my flat (don’t get excited, it’s nothing fancy but for London outside space is like gold dust. Trust me when I say me and Beave got lucky finding this little gem of a flat) I’ve have completely blitzed my room and feel like I could put up my own flat pack furniture which means only one thing. TIME TO MAKE A MESS DOING ART.


I don’t have a preferred medium so I’m more a jack of all trades rather than master of one but I like what I create and that is all that really matters,ja?! At present I have a pile of celebrity magazines that I am considering doing some carnage with. Having done a media and production degree I love analysing all forms media outlet, so every time I get a train ( which is becoming more and frequent of late!) I like to buy the magazine bumper packs, you know the ones that feature magazines like ok, closer and something more low end all in one happy bundle? It’s a nice cross section. So many differing agendas for talking at to people, it’s enlightening and not really hard to notice when you look. 

grandma magazine

Anyway, I digress, a collage is forming…I may share my results should I get over my “never finishing anythingitus” 

Have a great Monday lovelies, adventure is calling this week!


Love, love BP xX