We’re doing low carb and it’s pretty darn easy with these little hacks!

Now, when I say I love carbs, I mean that I would literally marry them, raise their babies (and that’s a pretty big deal considering I am childfree by choice) and grow old with them. I happily used to eat pasta at least once a day and when I wasn’t eating pasta, I was making something delicious to have with rice. I am also from strong Irish stock, so potatoes cropped up pretty often as well. When the lockdown hit I really wanted to take this time to overhaul my diet and actually get healthier – not that carbs aren’t healthy, they,  just like everything needs to be eaten in moderation and part of a balanced diet. This is something that  I wasn’t doing when it came to crabs – so I decided to look for alternatives. Below are some of my favourite replacements which are great for anyone following a Keto diet or just looking to eat fewer carbs. 

All of these are my own recommendations and there are no affiliate links in the post. They are just bloody good products and bunnypudding tried and tested. Nice. 

Also note, when I don’t eat in carbs I eat in cheese and chocolate. I assure you, I am eating like the Queen that I am and I don’t weigh myself, ever. If I could recommend making one life change it would be to remove scales from your life. Trust Aunt Bunny, she loves you. 

Seriously Low Carb Loaf
Seriously Low Carb Loaf

Seriously Low Carb Bread 

It wasn’t until I went low carb that I realised how much bread meant to me. It’s just so damn useful. I began to fantasise about sandwiches, I am rather partial to a cheese and Branston pickle now and then…and don’t get me started on the emotions that arise when I am in close proximity to a bacon sandwich. It’s deep. I was trawling the internet for a long time trying to find a low carb substitute and nothing was hitting the mark – well, until my housemate discovered the amazing Seriously Low Carb website and found the holy grail. Not only is there a fantastic low carb loaf on offer but they also do buns and best of all, cake! 

30 Calories per slice and 0.9g of crabs (yes you read that right!) it really is the perfect solution. Texture-wise it is a teeny bit chewer than traditional bread but as someone who usually has bread on sandwiches or toasted it’s not really noticeable. 

It’s a little pricy for some especially with postage added at £3.22 per loaf but I tend to buy in bulk and freeze some for when I just urgently need toast in my life (Which is often) 

Slim Pasta, Noodles and Rice 

Slim Pasta, Noodles and Rice 

I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was when after vigorous Googling I came across Slim pasta. Located on the Eat Water website (interesting name!) their products offer the texture and feel of eating delicious carbs but without the actual crabs or the calories for that matter. In fact, the pasta when served is 0g Carbs, 0g Fat and 18 Calories per pack – pour me an extra spoon of Sag bol please chef! The rice is fantastic as well, and I am forever grateful to have this replacement as it means that I can still enjoy all of my favourite foods without feeling like I am missing out! 

So why so low crab? Well, they make their products out of Konjac flour which is a high source of fibre and has no carbs – yasss! Konjac is prized in the East for its texture far more than its flavour – it has a very neutral, slightly salted taste. It also has a slight fishy smell which is why I recommend when you try the product that you rinse it and do not smell it. I always boil mine before I add it to anything and add bayleaf and salt to the water to add further flavour to it. If you are very particular then they also have a no-rinse and no odour option but I’m happy to do a little extra prep in order to save some pennies. And the smell goes away after rinsing. So doesn’t impact flavour at all. 

Texture-wise it is very similar to pasta and I honestly don’t spot the difference, but it does depend on how picky you are about food – I am not so picky and happy to try anything other than aubergine and celery which is disgusting and I hate them both with a passion. 

Price-wise, again not the cheapest option at £12.75 per pack of 5 but you can get a bargain at £5.74 (55% off) if you subscribe and save. You can also get taster packs with all the variants over on Amazon here. 

Spiraliser or Spiralizer

Courgetti and Boodles 

Now, if you want to completely cut the starch out and go for veggie options I couldn’t recommend these more. You can get them premade in many supermarkets but you can also be a bit of a kitchen witch and make them yourself by just purchasing a Spiraliser which will allow you to make ‘noodles’ out of any vegetable – and I mean any vegetable…trust me I have tried it with everything. I brought this one from Amazon not too long ago and love it. 

Alas, I am not going to lie, I am still seeking a low carb potato replacement – but until then I am quite happy eating these fabulous hacks. So what about you – do you have any healthy hacks? If so let us know below or on our social channels as I am always looking for ways to improve my diet but still eat like the Queen that I am. 

Until next time, darlings! 

I Went to Burger and Lobster and ate lobster and here is where I discuss this event.


Having been born a no name slob with expensive tastes I am, when funds allow, a bit of a foodie. When funds don’t allow ( which is more often ) I take treats where ever I can get them, so when my boss ( hi boss, you look great today! ) took us for a team bonding session I was happy when it involved food.

I work in oxford circus, so there are some great little hidden gems about. We had wanted to come burger and lobster for a while but they don’t bookings, you just rock up and if there is a table, you’re off. So we performed some forward planning.

IMG_7199 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy  IMG_7205 - Copy - Copy (2) IMG_7207 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy IMG_7209 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Not too much though as it’s reputation had preceded it and when we got there, a hoard of Chinese tourists were queuing outside. They were so cool, and I loved the hat’s they were wearing on the sunny day. We really do need to wear sunhats more in Britian, they really are cool. Anyway, hat envy aside we got seated, as it was bigger than expected and we went straight for the main course. Lobster.

I of course took the necessary precautions. The bib is in season anyway, so I was rather happy at the freebie. If you have ever met me you will understand. If you have ever met me when I have  been hungry, you will know this act was futile.I would spill something on me, at some point. IMG_7215 - Copy - Copy

After the last restaurant faux pas where I committed the blogger cardinal sin of not taking photographic proof of the event, I made sure to bully my co workers into taking lot’s of pictures of me eating for your enjoyment.

Fuck yeah, lobster! Yeah, in meh belly.

  IMG_7225 - Copy  IMG_7229 IMG_7231 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

We had the main dish, lobster with a side salad and chips. It was amazing. It was such a shame I couldn’t fit any more into my stomach. We had to order more of the butter sauce, mainly due to the fact that it was that amazing and I wound have drank it from the serving jug.

IMG_7234 - Copy IMG_7236 - Copy - Copy IMG_7239 - Copy - Copy IMG_7241 - Copy (2)

kudos to my co workers who managed to take breaks between their feasting to take pictures of me shoveling lobster into my gob, and keeping to my good angles. cheers.

IMG_7243 - Copy         IMG_7263 - Copy

IMG_7265 - Copy

On hearing there was desert, I was most pleased.-

IMG_7267 - Copy IMG_7269

I somehow managed to find room and I ate my ice cream with the true ladylike grace they teach us girls from stoke- on- trent. I even had earl grey tea in a cup a saucer ( With milk, because I am a uncouth monster )

IMG_7270 IMG_7271 - Copy IMG_7273 IMG_7274 - Copy

But lets all be honest, it was totally all about the lobster. And the butter sauce. I’d certainly go again. More info on the menu and prices etc here.

Differently one crossed off the list. Any recommendations for places for me to visit are most welcomed as, you know, it gives me an excuse to eat!

Laters BBz Xx