Oooooooosssshhhh! New Laptop, ahoy!

So *Que official trumpets* I finally have a new laptop. I know, I know. It only took a year but I am very fortunate to have other devices at hand to help me live my life. Anyhow, I’m now sat very content in front of my brand new laptop buddy, ready to go.

I’m brimming full of ideas and creativity. Excited about the literally adventures to come,trembling with anticipation as I am about to brain fart my glorious mind….Well, kind of.

Thus far, I have writers block and can’t figure out how to transfer my iPhone files over. I am not a paranoid person but I sincerely believe that my laptop and iPhone are in cahoots with each other to drive me insane with trying to get me to remember my passwords in order to anything. 

So with that technical struggle in mind, here is the one solitary image I have managed to upload which is from my Instagram (please leave your @’s below so I can follow you)


To be fair, it is rather nice tile work. It was found on a pub floor on Charlotte Street. I will pop back and find the name when I am next in work. Not that I work in a pub, I just work near them. Lots of them. And like to take pictures of their floors. Nothing odd about that. Oh nope. Ahem.

You’ve got to appreciate a bit of mosaic tiling, don’t you? It’s one of the things I love about living in a city like London, you are literally walking on history everywhere you go. Another place which I am desperate to show you in a post on here is Pompeii. I have some fabulous photos of my travels around there and some train travel tips which were invaluable, especially when travelling from Rome. I just hope I manage to upload these buggering images so I can share them with you all….fingers crossed! I think we are gonna be a while…


Bp <3


Bowie Ahoy! David Bowie ‘Fame, Fashion, Photography’

IMG_1048 (1)

Hello BBz,

Some of you may know that I work in digital marketing, which I love and I am currently having the best time of my life working on a project about the legend that is David Bowie <3


More details can be found here on the Facebook page, where there are loads of amazing exclusive interviews and pictures by the photographers who have contributed their amazing work the event about the man himself.



David Bowie ‘Fame, Fashion, Photography’ is a free-entry, ticketed exhibition in honour of David Bowie at 10 Heddon Street from 7 to 19 June. All proceed will go to Cancer Research. There will also be an online auction where there are exclusive images of every price range up for grabs so everyone around the world can get involved.


I’ve always been a huge Bowie fan. I literally love him down to his hair follicles, which may explain my penchant for bright hair colours. So I am truly elated that I get to work with the fabulous people involved. If any of you are planning on coming down to the event which is free but, you will need to book a slot to go to the exhibition (Click here for details)) get in touch! as I would love to have a meet up.


Love, Love, BP




Maltese Make-up Maddness

Tis Monday, eurgh, well at least it’s a whole week until another Monday!

Continuing with the theme of  documenting my old work on my blog I thought I would post a few playful photos taken in between shoots in Malta, where I modelled for Tragique. Ladies and gentlemen of the world I never model for anyone other than Tragique, not because I’m ugly or think I am ( I’m hotter than a fox on fire if you ask me on a good day)  but because I the most un-photogenic person in the world. Ever.


In between scenes, I was bored so I decided to discuss politics with the monster under the bed (He didn’t like my liberal attitude much)

If I remember correctly we were at a vintage car show in Valletta here, was a really good night and some good shoots were caught by Tragique.  I drank wine and supervised.

This was taken in the stairwell of our villa where we stayed ( AMAZING place, 5 floors, hundreds of years old…two drunk women, models and a camera…best space to work with ever.)

Not a very good example of my work but it was a test shot to see if the make up was worth using as I didn’t want it to get bleached in the camera lights plus the Maltese sun…alas it didn’t get used as it was blatantly rubbish ( an expensive brand too) . Neither did the photoshoot, where a glamour model wanted me to present her as a cat as she ran around naked in a building site being photographed( honestly that was the actual concept, no one ever said make up artistry is a normal job now did they?)

Playing with the rag doll theme again! This was taken between a shoot at the Villa  ( I will post those pictures later)

Fart – Bunnypudding fan Art 

Tragique made the above, I think I was seeking models at that point?

This above was made my bestie Karen Bevan , yes the Karen Bevan who makes das gudt radio content. As you can see from the image, she really does love and respect me more than anyone. Cheers Kazbo!

Anyway I am off for Monday round Two, ding ding!