Oooooooosssshhhh! New Laptop, ahoy!

So *Que official trumpets* I finally have a new laptop. I know, I know. It only took a year but I am very fortunate to have other devices at hand to help me live my life. Anyhow, I’m now sat very content in front of my brand new laptop buddy, ready to go. I’m brimming full of ideas and creativity. Excited about the literally adventures … Continue reading Oooooooosssshhhh! New Laptop, ahoy!

Bowie Ahoy! David Bowie ‘Fame, Fashion, Photography’

Hello BBz, Some of you may know that I work in digital marketing, which I love and I am currently having the best time of my life working on a project about the legend that is David Bowie ❤ More details can be found here on the Facebook page, where there are loads of amazing exclusive interviews and pictures by the photographers who have contributed their amazing … Continue reading Bowie Ahoy! David Bowie ‘Fame, Fashion, Photography’

Maltese Make-up Maddness

Tis Monday, eurgh, well at least it’s a whole week until another Monday! Continuing with the theme of  documenting my old work on my blog I thought I would post a few playful photos taken in between shoots in Malta, where I modelled for Tragique. Ladies and gentlemen of the world I never model for anyone other than Tragique, not because I’m ugly or think I am ( … Continue reading Maltese Make-up Maddness