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How art thou? I hope you had a good weekend? I had a weekend of work but all for good projects so I didn’t mind. It’s been a while since my last feminist round up, but hey, I’ve been busy! So here is just the tip of the iceberg in what has happened in the world of feminism. It’s going to be brief so take it all in.


The sun were dicks.

There was excitement as The tabloid The Sun, decided to play a media prank by pretending to pull page three. We all couldn’t quite believe it and when we did, it was swiftly shoved back into our faces and we were again forced to motorboat the breasts of the beautiful younglings of page three. I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I would need a blog series to cover it, so I won’t start here. I am keen though to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject.


To Sprog off ,or not to sprog off? That is the question. 

The Stylist wrote a great article on the much debated issue of children.  I preferred it to this one on Thoughtcatalog “I think people without kids have empty lives and im not sorry about it“. Yikes! The comments section on this makes for interesting reading. Does anyone else read the comments section or am I just a lonely sad comments voyeur?!

Whats wrong with society in on screen capture.

what is wrong with the world



Just reminding the media this happened.

Just a brief one for now, otherwise I will never find a blogging / work life balance. That is one New Years Resolution I am happy to share. Work smarter not harder.


Let me know you thoughts on the above lovelies!

Love, love Bp X

Feminist weekly round up 30th – 6th July

 Whoot whoot, 

I hope everyone’s weekend has been full of fun and frolics? I myself had a quiet one due to a busy week that consisted of two huge lie ins ( I bloody love a good lie in) , a run with the boy on Saturday followed by a lamb roast so sexy it should be illegal, but this was was legal due to having no carbs ( I’m on a huge health kick at the minute, but that is a completely different post!)


Soooooo what has been happening in the week that would interest us feminists? I ain’t gonna lie, it’s been a very, very busy week! I’ll start slow but expect a pretty long blog post, so I recommend pouring a fresh glass of vino before you start.

And we begin – 

This great picture of Queen Maud of Norway appeared on my facebook wall on sunday – 

 Blooming heck, look at that waist, no really, it’s there right between her hips and torso. It’s certainly a reminder that body hatred and fascism isn’t new peeps, and I will certainly be going into the history of it in the near future. Consider this a teaser for the “fun” to come. 

Another thing that isn’t new in the world of body fascism is Hollywood’s obsession with skinny minnies but alas, now it’s no longer size 0, oh no, that is so passe! We’re talking SIZE TRIPLE 0 these days! Oh joy..

Of course, take it with a pinch of salt, we all remember the hysteria of the “bikini bridge” which turned out to be a hoax by those little scamps at 4chan. This may be a trend, or it may not. Fingers crossed it fucks off never to bother us again.

For what it's worth, the term itself has been around since 2009.

 Buzzfeed this week posted something ACTUALLY relevant to society rather than the standard “13 reasons LONDON is AWKWARD ( or insert another targeted keyword in it’s place)” by posting about things women don’t do because, well, we are women and the world ain’t all sweetness and light. 




The huffington post shed light on the tumblr “straight white boys texting” . Let’s put it out there, any race of man can be a complete skieze not just the white ones, but it’s nice to know there is a place to find some form of group therapy about this sort of shiz. 


The group and site “a girls guide to taking over the world” ( LOVE) shared this amazing post about female skaters from the 1970’s. OMG so cool. Like UBER cool. Be their friend here to get all their great posts on your facebook wall. 



Jezebel reports on the Pope missing an opportunity to help the female cause by cracking a joke. BAD TIMING DUDE. Fortunately as an atheist I’m not affected by this mans opinions like my catholic friends, but he has been doing some actual good recently and I can’t help but be a bit glum that he didn’t take the opportunity when offered, to make a difference, or at least comment on this subject. 



The catwalk goddess that is Iman spoke with the Guardian and discussed her past, what it’s like to be a black model in a racist industry (don’t argue, it is) and what the face of a refugee looks like. This woman rocks my socks. Loved this interview. Love her. 


 The Guardian also discussed the sexism in sport reporting, with a focus on Wimbledon….speaking of Wimbledon – 




Now I would LOVE to hear you thoughts on this one. 

Allow me to introduce to you performance artist Narcissister who is also a political activist and pusher of the #freethenipple campaign. 


 I expect to see a lot more of her cropping up in the next few weeks, my only regret is that she isn’t a fuller lady with less attractive breasts, then I wonder how much media attention she would get? Either way, more power to her. 




Kirstie Allsopp wants us “to fuck off as she is IS a feminist“. Of course she is, why not? Let’s not be dicks about this about this, she has a point. Fertility ISN’T discussed enough. There is nothing wrong with wanting children and being aware of biology, what she didn’t consider when she made her comment but mentions in this interview is the fact that she happens to be wealthy.

Allsopp says: 'I am an independent woman with my own company who encourages other women' (David Vintiner)

Wealth. That changes everyone’s goal posts. Think I’d be doing what I am doing if I could have afforded my own house and put my career off at twenty bloody three?! Think I want to live miles away from my friends, family and beloved, as well doing the London 2 hour commute everyday? Pfff.

Nah, I’d be at drama school living my dreams and being creatively inspired everyday but sadly, not everyone has that opportunity nor can live on £5,000 a year without a trust fund.

Not everyone has the means to have children at a young age, should they want too and let’s be really honest, I am so fucking lucky to be where I am, it kinda haunts me. The generation after me, those just graduating…I wouldn’t swap with them at all. I read blogs all the time by smart, savvy post graduates all in the same position-  internships, menial jobs or being told they have not enough experience. where do you go from there? Grr, makes me so angry! Touch base if you are on of those people, I’ll see how I can help. 

But I digress, my point being – if you can’t feed yourself, how can you have children? The world is a hella lot different for me than it was for the generation before me..but that is a completely different blog post. It just grinds my gears when people start dissing us millennial’s. In fact I just think- 

I understand you mean well Kirsty, but let’s live in the real world, yeah? 



 Next up is a reminder of the #bringbackourgirls campaign and the fact that those girls are still missing. Sadly, it took popstar Adokiye Kyrian to offer her virginity to boko haram  to remind the mass media that it happened in the first place. Some say this is brave and empowering, others a PR stunt, either way several hundred young girls are still missing and this fact sucks.



Rapper Angel Haze discussed feminism and the media view on interracial lesbian relationships with the independent. I’ll give you a clue, they are kissing because they are “friends”. Of course they are daily fail, of course they bloody are. I wish friends snogged each other all the time, I’d be well happy, as I have loads of hot friends.


America fucked up again with the whole bringing religion into the uterus again. I’m sure most of your have heard all about this so I won’t go into detail ( as I could go on forever) But gahhhhh! 

ruth bader ginsburg

Thank fook for women like this



So after all that cray, cray we will end it on a lighter note, last FWRU I mentioned the feminist wedding article by Laura bates. well here is another follow up to by the Guardian on feminist dating.

You food channel fans ( My name is bunnypudding and I am a “diners, drive ins and dives” addict…) you may have had your heart broken by  Adam Richman’s  little incident . Well turns out that Adam’s new show has now been cancelled “until further notice” ekkk. I am interested to know everyone’s views on the #thinspiration trend. Is it ok to use or bad, bad, bad? 

Phrew! That was a busy week, I am now off to chillax with a glass of rioja and something good to read. 

Until next week my lovelies! make sure to like/share/show me love in some way as it makes me feel special and if you see anything interesting, make sure to send it my way. My email is on my “about me” page. 

Love you long time BBz!

Bunnypudding <3 Xx 


Feminist weekly round up <3

Tis the weekend Peeps, and I hope that you have something exciting planned. Me? I’ve had pizza in bed for breakfast and may leave this house later to attend one more public. Nothing more exciting, as the boy goes back to his new posting on Monday…booo! but still, I’m #rocknroll baby!

So rather than bombard this blog with a zillion feminist posts a week I thought I’d condense it down into one bite size weekly post, because you know, not everyone gives a shit and that is fine. If you’re just here for the meme’s, I’ll keep em’ coming.

Please feel free to send me anything interesting that you think I would like or,  just post it on the facebook group found here

First up, the ever wonderful Laura Bates with this great article about “can you have a feminist wedding ?”

feminist bride laura bates

I’d love to hear thoughts on this one as I am often asked my views on marriage, but that is a completely different blog post ( great avoiding of the whole marriage issue there BP, keep it up! ) I’ll also throw in this article from the guardian about men wanking not being that uncommon in public ( I can confirm, it isn’t) Connect more with Ms bates on her everyday sexism project.

Females and science is the topic of the day this Sunday in Southbank ( 29th June) 12 – 3pm. If these ladies are the first people you think of when you hear the phrase “female scientists” –

There is an interesting article over on bitch media about these loveable big bang theory ladies.

Btch flcks did a great article on one of my favorite tv shows from my formative years, “Hey!Arnold”  about how bold it was without being preachy on inner city life.

Social commentary about women’s magazines

This has been featured literally everywhere, but a very interesting experiment regrading being “global beautyand international photoshop “skillz” ( term used lightly) was released this week

Woman Photoshops Her Headshot To Portray The Standard Of Beauty In 25 Different Countries (Photos)

The new statesman featured an interesting article on sex positive feminism and my, wasn’t it thought provoking!

#freethenipple got some more back up in the form of this fantastic bikini top…WANT!

tata top 1

This advert moved me in ways I didn’t think marketing could –

Still contrived though ( I work in marketing, trust me I’d know)  but hey, if it works for feminism, why complain?

I’ll end this weekly round up of interesting reads with this great video one of the boys posted on his facebook feed the otherday. Won’t lie, loved it!

You rant lady, you rant your heart out! –

Become her friend here.

Look Bbz I get it myself, feminism is bloody confusing and can feel like a minefield. I really, really hear you. I get sniffed at by other so called feminists all the time but what I know is just read, think and decide where you stand before you start to worry about all the other opinions out there and just try to be helpful..and not preachy. No body likes a soap box hog.

Until next week BBz <3

Love,love, Bunnypudding X x

So This Is Christmas…and I will make you feel normal ( now magazine won’t as it’s crap)

Well hello there my darlings!

How was Christmas, good? Bad? Ugly? Look, I ain’t judging if the only way you managed to cope is through copious amounts of booze or online shopping. I get it. I too have a family, and I know it can feel like WW3 when your all get together.

My Christmas was fabulous ( thank you for asking!) and I had a great time with the BP family getting trollied on Turkey and any alcohol we could find.

If you had a rubbish Christmas, booo urns! I am sending love and hope that you have a better one next year…

So I know I have been a bit quiet as of late but it has mainly been down to my new job and the fact that I live in London, my family is up north and my Partner is in the armed forces, therefore, my free time is minimal or spent on the tube getting annoyed at other fellow commuters. 

As it Christmas I need to provide you with a Christmas rant ( I know how you all love my inarticulate rants) So what caught my eye today was a post by blogger English mum on facebook, which is of the latest NOW! Magazines cover.

*trigger warning* – you will want to punch someone in the face.


Secondly, women of the world, there is nothing “normal” about putting other women down to make you feel “normal“. In fact, that is the absolute height of being fucked up and makes you weak, insecure and a bully. Before you argue, think of all the bitchy nasty people you know, are they happy? Exactly.

By buying these magazines we are saying that we deserve this. That they are right, that they are perfectly correct to tell us that the “flabby belly” of chantelle is wrong.

Pfff….of course it is wrong Now magazine, I wish all of these women who have carried babies would stop milking it and just stick their fingers down their throats and go back to “normal” body sizes. How very dare they not be size zeros!…Because, you know, skinny people make a country and the world a much more successful and happy place, just ask Ethiopia, they are always banging on about women s bodies and becoming a fatty,fatty, fat, fat…( blatant sarcasm there people!blatant sarcasm)

So basically ladies, now magazine and the other tripe magazines out there are full of shit ( well actually, I presume not as obviously none of their staff must eat therefore have no need to excrete solids…) And if all you have to worry about in life is the size of your body and what people think of it, you must be the luckiest son of a gun in the world…otherwise, ignore this shit and focus your time and attention on the things that really matter, like being nice to each other and getting these idiots off their own pedestals and making the world an even better place.

I’m a fatty in their eyes and thank fuck for that, it must mean I have a personality and bigger things to worry about than what they think, go me. When my youth goes I will still rock, when theirs go…eekkk 😉 sorting out being skinny AND wrinkles? *snorts* poor puddings…

Stay sassy peeps. You rock. I said so, so it’s true.

BP Xxx

Guest Post – Be Visable, Not In The Closet!

Great Guest post from the amazing Jade, please let us know your thoughts, and if you agree sign the petition!-

gay rights

So, them pesky gays are at it again, the faggots, lezzers, homos, the dykes, the trannies all hell bent on flaunting their own sexuality. At least that’s what some would have us believe.

It’s true that many countries have moved forward and legalised gay marriage, it’s true that in many of those countries there has been some degree of progress toward simple acceptance. However, to put forward an argument that ‘gays’ flaunt or propagandise their sexuality is an argument that seems at the very least misguided, and at worst fundamentally and blindly prejudice.

Hetro sex sells! We apparently know it and the marketeers of this world certainly think they know it, age old adverts flaunting a hetro idea of sexuality have been rammed down out throats since…some bloke thought of it!

We see tits, buff, muscle flex, hairless, smooth, skeletal, snogging, semi shagging hetro couples adorning billboards, magazine covers,adverts and gratuitously engaging in rambunctious behaviour of a sexual nature on our tv, Internet, magazines, newspapers and movie screens.

Do I hear any shouts for propagandising or flaunting overtly sexualised images of a hetro nature? Well yes, but not from the same group who think its a valid argument for defending their own bigoted opinions whilst comfortable oggling page three!

Gay rights

What is propagandising homosexuality? Seems ambiguous to me. Lets look at Russia, while homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993 it would seem that the general opinion that faggots should be burnt at the stake seems to have increased since then. Russian government have passed anti gay legislation that prohibits the propaganda of non traditional sexual relationships to minors, as defined by lawmakers – ‘those relationships that cannot lead to production of offspring’.

It’s possibly important to look at declining birth rates since the collapse of the soviet union. Putin declared 2008 the year of the family and has since ‘propagandised’ Russia’s ideal family unit as being a more traditional heterosexual variety. Vladimir Roslyakovsky, the leader of an Orthodox organisation in the southern Russian city of Saratov, for example, perceives Western opposition to the laws as an attack on Russia itself. He declared “The US goal is that Russians stop having children”.

After these new laws were announced Russia has claimed a 30% birth rate increase. While some might argue its a narrow mind that assumes only a hetro couple can produce happy and healthy offspring – my only answer would be that I’m stating a possible link and that when faced with a vague, incomprehensible law such as the anti propaganda law it is entirely legitimate to be faced with such tenuosity.

We are now embarking on the build up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, in six months time the worlds eyes will focus on a tournament surrounded by controversy because of a Russian government who appears to believe that persecuting its own LGBT community is a progressive move forward. Much has been said in the media and there have been many reports of horrific crimes against human rights. People have been beaten and arrested for their beliefs, some have been lured to their deaths, violated and murdered.

Russia is a proud and strong nation, its nationals are committed to their nation and its leaders, I therefore doubt they will neither appreciate or respond to pressure. The LGBT community themselves will have a deep routed pride and an ingrained love for being Russian and Russia itself.


Is it reasonable that the IOC is lobbied to move the Winter Olympics to Vancouver? Is it possible to move it to Vancouver? Should we ask what’s happened to the billions of pounds missing from the Olympic committee fund? Should we boycott? What will happen to the athletes that have worked their entire lives for this chance to shine. Should we ask the athletes themselves to show solidarity with Russia’s LGBT community? Should the Olympics even be held in countries who abuse human rights? What about this apparent waste of good booze?! Should team GB wear rainbow colours, a pin, an armband. Nick Symmonds won gold in track at the world athletics and dedicated it to his gay and lesbian friends. New Zealander Blake Skjellerup has no intention of being forced back into the closet, Johnny Weir is an openly gay figure skater that happens to be married to a Russian-American, he will be competing and he does not support a boycott. Is visibility in Sochi a feasible protest? Pole vaulter Emma Green-Tregaro has been forced to re paint her nails at the world athletics. Julian clary would like to give skiing a good go and spare a thought for a Winter Olympics without commentary from Claire Balding!

Social media is alive with condemnation, disgust and alarm. Mr Stephen Fry has eloquently done his bit with his twitter masses and mr George Takei has given the facebookers something to think about. Boy George and DR Christian have declared their support for Russian Human rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev who has condemned western media for misrepresenting the situation and has been the subject of homophobic attacks. Gay Tory MP Margot James has made a statement calling for gay fans to make their presence known in Sochi. Gay Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams encouraged British athletes to protest at medal ceremonies.

human rights

I merely spent a nerve wracking ten minutes on local radio last week, trying desperately not to stumble over words whilst all the time sitting in a privileged position, comfy. No one questions my sexuality, no one condemns it, no one has ever persecuted me for it. However it still shocks me to my core and sickens my stomach that humans can treat other humans in such a brutal and savage way simply because they love. Because of who they are. Who they were born to be, much like Olympians.

What will you do? You have a voice! You can share, you can tweet, you can show the LGBT community in Russia they are not alone. You can sign the petitions, you can lobby your MP. You can shout out that its not ok!


Twitter is @petitionTeamGB

Petition link–

Do you agree with Jade? what are you thoughts? Comment below –