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gay rights

So, them pesky gays are at it again, the faggots, lezzers, homos, the dykes, the trannies all hell bent on flaunting their own sexuality. At least that’s what some would have us believe.

It’s true that many countries have moved forward and legalised gay marriage, it’s true that in many of those countries there has been some degree of progress toward simple acceptance. However, to put forward an argument that ‘gays’ flaunt or propagandise their sexuality is an argument that seems at the very least misguided, and at worst fundamentally and blindly prejudice.

Hetro sex sells! We apparently know it and the marketeers of this world certainly think they know it, age old adverts flaunting a hetro idea of sexuality have been rammed down out throats since…some bloke thought of it!

We see tits, buff, muscle flex, hairless, smooth, skeletal, snogging, semi shagging hetro couples adorning billboards, magazine covers,adverts and gratuitously engaging in rambunctious behaviour of a sexual nature on our tv, Internet, magazines, newspapers and movie screens.

Do I hear any shouts for propagandising or flaunting overtly sexualised images of a hetro nature? Well yes, but not from the same group who think its a valid argument for defending their own bigoted opinions whilst comfortable oggling page three!

Gay rights

What is propagandising homosexuality? Seems ambiguous to me. Lets look at Russia, while homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993 it would seem that the general opinion that faggots should be burnt at the stake seems to have increased since then. Russian government have passed anti gay legislation that prohibits the propaganda of non traditional sexual relationships to minors, as defined by lawmakers – ‘those relationships that cannot lead to production of offspring’.

It’s possibly important to look at declining birth rates since the collapse of the soviet union. Putin declared 2008 the year of the family and has since ‘propagandised’ Russia’s ideal family unit as being a more traditional heterosexual variety. Vladimir Roslyakovsky, the leader of an Orthodox organisation in the southern Russian city of Saratov, for example, perceives Western opposition to the laws as an attack on Russia itself. He declared “The US goal is that Russians stop having children”.

After these new laws were announced Russia has claimed a 30% birth rate increase. While some might argue its a narrow mind that assumes only a hetro couple can produce happy and healthy offspring – my only answer would be that I’m stating a possible link and that when faced with a vague, incomprehensible law such as the anti propaganda law it is entirely legitimate to be faced with such tenuosity.

We are now embarking on the build up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014, in six months time the worlds eyes will focus on a tournament surrounded by controversy because of a Russian government who appears to believe that persecuting its own LGBT community is a progressive move forward. Much has been said in the media and there have been many reports of horrific crimes against human rights. People have been beaten and arrested for their beliefs, some have been lured to their deaths, violated and murdered.

Russia is a proud and strong nation, its nationals are committed to their nation and its leaders, I therefore doubt they will neither appreciate or respond to pressure. The LGBT community themselves will have a deep routed pride and an ingrained love for being Russian and Russia itself.


Is it reasonable that the IOC is lobbied to move the Winter Olympics to Vancouver? Is it possible to move it to Vancouver? Should we ask what’s happened to the billions of pounds missing from the Olympic committee fund? Should we boycott? What will happen to the athletes that have worked their entire lives for this chance to shine. Should we ask the athletes themselves to show solidarity with Russia’s LGBT community? Should the Olympics even be held in countries who abuse human rights? What about this apparent waste of good booze?! Should team GB wear rainbow colours, a pin, an armband. Nick Symmonds won gold in track at the world athletics and dedicated it to his gay and lesbian friends. New Zealander Blake Skjellerup has no intention of being forced back into the closet, Johnny Weir is an openly gay figure skater that happens to be married to a Russian-American, he will be competing and he does not support a boycott. Is visibility in Sochi a feasible protest? Pole vaulter Emma Green-Tregaro has been forced to re paint her nails at the world athletics. Julian clary would like to give skiing a good go and spare a thought for a Winter Olympics without commentary from Claire Balding!

Social media is alive with condemnation, disgust and alarm. Mr Stephen Fry has eloquently done his bit with his twitter masses and mr George Takei has given the facebookers something to think about. Boy George and DR Christian have declared their support for Russian Human rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev who has condemned western media for misrepresenting the situation and has been the subject of homophobic attacks. Gay Tory MP Margot James has made a statement calling for gay fans to make their presence known in Sochi. Gay Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams encouraged British athletes to protest at medal ceremonies.

human rights

I merely spent a nerve wracking ten minutes on local radio last week, trying desperately not to stumble over words whilst all the time sitting in a privileged position, comfy. No one questions my sexuality, no one condemns it, no one has ever persecuted me for it. However it still shocks me to my core and sickens my stomach that humans can treat other humans in such a brutal and savage way simply because they love. Because of who they are. Who they were born to be, much like Olympians.

What will you do? You have a voice! You can share, you can tweet, you can show the LGBT community in Russia they are not alone. You can sign the petitions, you can lobby your MP. You can shout out that its not ok!


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Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels Part Two, This Time It’s Personal.

Not too long ago I posted this image on my facebook-

The model above is,  according to the social media grape vine, a new design used by the Swedish H&M ,where they have several sizes throughout the store ranging from size 14 ( the average size of most women it turns out) and under. Hurrah! I hear many of you cry ( mainly the average percentage of women who at last are being represented in high street stores) but I kid you not, there is a big old “boo- urns” to this story also

As some areas of the media have decided to get all health conscious and state that “normalising” this size promotes obesity.

Just no. Shut the fuck up, pack up your desk and feel free to dramatically slam the door behind your ass, because I am about to RANT and it isn’t going to be purdy…not that it needs to be, as my rants are independent rants who dress to please no man or woman.

So you’re telling me that an average sized model in high street stores is going to make a bunch of women run to Maccys D’s or whatever fast food joint is nearest ( and has a chair lift) and happily stuff their faces with as much saturated fat as possible? All because suddenly the style of shop mannequins have magically caught up with what women in society would LIKE to see reflected on the highstreet, rather than what is forced upon them? Seriously, I am going to have to list, YES LIST some of  reasons why that point is one big cluster fuck.


1. Do you think women are that stupid? No really? Are you honestly being that patronising about how our multitasking brains work?! Do you think that we walk around wearing peepers on all day not looking at AVERAGE sized women on the street?! Think about it you stupid dumb asses. Seeing larger sized women in the flesh all day, every day doesn’t make women turn obese, so why the hell would a shop mannequin do so?

2. You are aware you have just offended the largest group of women in the world?The size 14 and above? Look dude, in this fight you’re on your own. In fact I am going to hand you over to the lynch mob myself.

3. What part of AVERAGE don’t y0u understand?…more people realise they can wear clothes, more people buy clothes. Therefore more money in the pockets of companies.

4. Sooooooo, based on that *ahem* for use of a better word “logic” you’re telling me that the larger sized models promote unhealthy lifestyles and the tenny tiny size 0 models aren’t in anyway, shape or form increasing the rates of anorexia, eating disorders and low self esteem among women?

As is the head of the negative media in this story! Pff

In summary- younglings, oldings and lady like things in between, please, please, PLEASE ignore this bullshit. We get bombarded every single day with images and taunting telling us that we are not good enough, but what they never tell us is- NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHAT!? I work in marketing not in Hollywood, why the hell do I need to be a size zero? Shouldn’t a stay at home mother be, you know, looking after her children rather than having a panic attack that someone may see her in the street not looking like model? I don’t know about you but I prefer my surgeons to be operating on me rather than using the apparatus to apply lipstick as *shock* they look unattractive in their human fluid smeared scrubs. Seriously, think about it..who are these people and why the FOOK do we think they are right? They are obviously thick as pigs shit and have nothing bigger to worry about in their lives. Sorry for the excessive swearing but I am that bloody angry when it comes to this.

I think Tina Fey says it best –

And on that depressing note, PREGNANT Kim Kardashian was recently criticised for looking fat this week in the media. Yes, that happened. Who does she think she is getting fat when shes with child? slacker.

Basically, can the last woman on the planet we call Earth please turn the lights off?  The rest of us are going back to Venus, as this is bullshit.

Rant over.

Here endeth the lesson.