New research reveals the leading cities for solo female travellers across Europe

  • Recent research reveals Germany to be the top country for solo female travellers
  • Hamburg has been rated the leading city for solo female travelling in Europe
  • Edinburgh has been crowned as the leading solo travel location in the UK
  • Munich, Prague and Zurich have been scored the highest for safety overall
  • Faro and Prague have been ranked as the leading city spots for attractions  

The fabulous luggage and bag fashion retailer Kipling have launched new research to discover the leading 20 European Cities for solo female travellers to visit. Revealing its first solo female traveller index, oooooh!!Exciting!

Kipling’s research has uncovered Germany to be the top country for solo female travel in Europe, with Hamburg (8.2) and Munich (7.8) ranking as the highest destinations to travel alone across continent. Having visited Germany seveal times, I can certainly say it was one of the countries I have felt safest in when walking around. I aodred Munich espeically, but to be fair I did travel there around Christmas and Munch is magical at Christmas…

Kipling’s Solo Female Traveller Index, which considers female safety, the global gender gap, attractions, group activities and more, has crowned Edinburgh (6.9) as the top city within the UK for solo female travellers, achieving a healthy score across a range of index factors. The recent findings have also featured Dublin as the fifth leading destination within the research, with an overall score of 6.7, performing high within the gender gap category (0.9).  As part of the celtic diaspora, I wanna big up my celtic cities for looking after the women, whoop!

The second leading country for solo travel has been uncovered as Portugal, with three cities making the index list including Faro (6.8), the Northwest coastal city of Porto (5.8) and the Portuguese capital, Lisbon (5.4). If I ever needed a hint for where I should for my next away trip post lock down, it was that information so thank you Kipling! (Yes, I know, most people have been on like 10 holiday’s since the lock down but I have been in a depressive/life getting in the way hell hole, so it’s been kinda hard to recover, ok!?)

Switzerland and Spain both support two cities featured within the top 20 list, including Zurich (5.9) performing highly for transport and safety and Geneva (5.1 overall) performing well in the gender gap with 0.8. When it comes to Spain, Valencia scored 5.7 followed by Malaga which scored 5.5 overall. 

Kipling’s research has been developed to celebrate female empowerment in the spirit of International Women’s Day, aiming to inspire females across Europe on the cities which they can explore solo, with a range of key travel considerations in mind. 

Kiplings’ Solo Female Traveller Index 

To discover more information about the leading cities from Kipling’s research, including destination inspiration tips, visit Kipling’s Live Light hub.  

Website: Instagram: @kipling 

So what are you thoughts…have you been inspired by the index about and now planning an adventure?

What was your favourite City to visit and have you ever done any Solo Travel? As always, let me know below! Until next time my darlings…

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France Road Trip Day 4 – Nantes- Part One

So Day 4 we went to the “culture capital” of France, Nantes. It was amazing. I must go back, like post haste! We got there around noon and so went straight for the cathedral which was stunning-


The castle-

Not my best  picture as the sun was in my eyes, but you can see the moat etc in the back ground, just lovely!-

Where’s Bunny?-

The view from inside the walls ( apologies a lot with the boy in so only a few to share) –

The castle had a museum inside, but we didn’t bother to go in as it was about WW2, and I won’t lie, pretty much saturated ourselves about that subject recently so we left it in the hope there would be a more historical one near by.

View from the castle wall, you can see the cathedral in the background too.-

Street performers outside-

There are quite a few street performers in Nantes as it is a place that thrives on creativity and wants to be known as a place of culture, which is right up my street!Rather tempted to run off and make my living as one, sadly I can’t play ANYTHING, so wouldn’t make much!

Our next stop off in the city was rather exciting  and funny..put it this way, never take a “surprise me! ” approach to a menu in France. Ever.)  That tale is certainly in my next post ( there a lot of fun stuff  occurred in this place!)

Sigh, anyway I am off to dream of France again…as the Beruit song says “It’s been a long time since I saw your smile” ..oh Nantes <3


France Rouen 2013

I have recently returned from the most amazing holiday in France. I have always been a bit of a Francophile, so getting to spend a few weeks in a place I am slightly in love with was the best offer I’ve had in a loooong time!  I went with the boy ( he does not feature on this blog, hence why there aren’t too many pictures, he tends to appear in most of mine!) and we drove around all of  the country, and tried to hit as many cites and towns as we could. We started off With Rouen, famous for being the city where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake ( Booo!). I loved this city and it was a great place to start-

Me getting a bit bored at a gas station *sigh* just get me to the pub dammit!


Joan of Arc Artwork, she crops up everywhere-

Me by the Cathedral, it was stunning. Sadly, on my camera I didn’t get too many pictures of it without the boy featured! Doh!-

Me outside the Cathedral door, not being attacked by lightening…therefore we can consider the visit a success!-

Street shot- It was a lovely medieval style city. So nice to walk down the cobbled streets. As it was in the north of France it wasn’t TOO hot , the further south we went the hotter it got though, never good for a pale skinned gal like moi…eek!-

During our stay we met a lovely Anglophile who took us out and about in the city, which is always appreciated! One pub he took us too was called “Zooloo” . Basically, you just paid what you wanted at the bar and the landlord, who was a pretty cool chap, would make a crazy strong punch and you could pour it into your glass until you were content, ie- wankarded. You could also draw on the walls. I made sure to leave my mark…sadly, it features the boys name, so I can’t show it, but to give you an idea –

Me and our new friend, oh man he was lovely! Thank you good sir for making our first night grrreat-

In the evening we had a great meal of steak, it actually RARE,  just like I want it.  I tend to find trouble getting a good steak in the UK at times, but in France it was perfect every time.

There is one negative part of France though…the bloody one way road systems. Our first city trip was in Rouen, and it took us nearly an hour to get to our hotel, it was a NIGHTMARE! Esp when you can see the hotel but you’re not allowed to go down the street that it’s on…aggrh! Otherwise, I loved every minute of Rouen and fully intend to return. As we got there quite late and left very early the next day, we didn’t get too much of the city covered, so I am treating it as “unfinished” business.

The next morning we went to a cafe and had some sandwiches and made friends with the local birds, who thought nothing of coming and sitting on the table begging for my sandwich. They were so cute I may have given them far too much!  This does lead me to my first warning about France though, they have set dinner times etc, so if you want a larger lunch at a restaurant, try to eat lunch around 12- 2 as they tend to close up afterwards until about 6pm  when they re-open for dinner service.  You can eat at bistros all day though, so don’t panic!

The next stop was St Malo…and oh my that was a beautiful place, as you will see in the next post. It took us 4 hours to get there but my, the exciting roads made up for it!-

The French don’t half like a super bridge-

More to come in my next post…I am now off to cry about not being in France any more…sniffles.

Muchos love, BP Xx