History Ahoy! LFW Ahoy!

Hi BBz,

Apologies for the delay in your historical fashion fix. It’s been a busy week but I have made sure to get some extra lovely historical fashion goodies for you. So you see, I do care.

This week we are going to dip our toes into historical fashion influences in pop culture, which if we are honest, are never really that authentic. Reign anyone?!

reign it just screams 1600's on acid

reign it just screams 1600’s on acid

I haven’t properly watched this series yet, so I can’t really comment but we can’t be too hard on it. The fact is almost all historical dramas are tweaked so that modern day audiences wont be put off. For example Cleavages, they are always high, pushed together and bulging, which is in fact a 21th Century preference and not like the cleavage preference of the regency era where they liked high boobage but separated. You could see between ze boobies. Not like the lovely Lizzies cleavage we have come to expect in Pride and Prejudice-

True story.

Less this –


download (2)




More This – 


download (3)

Boobs pointing in different directions


I am a huge fan of Disney, and I try and get it into as many posts as I can ( see previous History Ahoy! posts ) So I am LOVING this video about “Historically Correct Disney Princesses” from Buzzfeed. Ah, Buzzfeed, the internet crack of the millennial age. I really love these history fashion flashback videos, what are you thoughts?

It’s strange to ponder what the princesses fates would have been, if put into the real life historical constraints of their times. Yikes. I love history but when I am asked if I would ever want to go back, my response is always the same – if I had to, I’d have to be rich and male. Otherwise, no. I like modern medicine too much. And I have a big mouth. I would have ended up like this after about an hour. I can help myself-

images (9)

Gotta love a scolds bridle.


It’s London Fashion Week, and the city is a buzz with fashionista’s tittering in their heels, looking for their next fashion fix. To my gleeful delight recent historical inspired media has seeped into the fashion catwalks, and below are some of the wonderful examples of fashion meeting history. Be prepared to have major wardrobe envy though.

A crown and a cape. Yes! Not that the cape was ever out of fashion, my good friend at writersblockandbrokenlenses rocks her regularly in fact. Viva le cape!


Frockflicks has a great article on the historical influence on modern fashion that you should check out!

I don’t think this is a new thing either  as all fashion is inspired by previous fashions, but I think the periods that are getting the most replication at present are the more flamboyantl historical periods. This makes me very happy! Pass me my powdered wig. (Washed of course..)

This dress by Dior is a beautiful homage the wide skirts of the 1700’s. Still lovely and it doesn’t lose it’s traditional cut in translation either.

Do you have to keep your hand in your pockets for the whole day that you wear it though? Hmmmm…


I notice that the model’s above and below are wearing a crown. Which means I am now allowed to go out in public wearing a crown ( like that would stop me, but it being socially acceptable may influence the size of the crown that I wear )

I still hold a grudge against my boyfriend because he took me to the Towers Of London for my birthday and promised me a crown. I never got it. Still waiting *side eyes boyfriend*

The Byzantian style of this tunic below is just breath taking and it looks so luxurious. I can completely see it being worn casually and dressed up.


*throws self on bed and cries* #firstworldproblems


All three dresses below actually make me want to purr like a kitten, so beautiful. The craftsmanship as well..pass my smelling salts. I am loving that Baroque is rocking the catwalk right now. *fist pumps* 


Gotta show some love for this Dior make up image and it’s hark back to the crazy hair styles of the 1700’s. I bet this style smells much nicer though. Wigs in the 1700’s could have things living long term in there.They didn’t like to wash much. In their minds, there was nothing a spritz of Perfume couldn’t hide away! Niiiiice. I still know some people like this.


A nice full skirt. I love how this skirt moves as well. Le sigh. Also, added bonus of long skirts means having to shave legs, less. Whoot!

images (10)

I adore the back of this wedding gown. It’s beautiful. It’s one of those timeless styles, as it would be a lovely dress to wear in any age. WANT.

I want it so bad that if I had the money, I’d literally buy it and then proceed to just sit, watch tv and eat pizza in it like Monica and Rachael from friends just so I could wear it all the time.


Last but by no means least – You’ve got to love John Paul Gaultier, I certainly do. He’s so cheeky and so, well, French. I am a bit of a Francophile and my partner is part French, so it’s rather convenient. He likes to feature a sprinkle of historical reflection in a lot of his designs ( John, not my boyfriend )…Anyone who can make underwear, outerwear and make wearing a corset cool again is more than ok ( like is ever wasn’t?) He’s fine by me.

images (12)

Dress Of the Week – 

This weeks dress of the week comes with an amazing story. How fabulous! –


Isabell Fraser’s Wedding Dress, circa 1785, wool, Scotland, used continuously by a single family since it was made in 1785, last worn in 2005, Inverness Museums & Art Gallery.

Anyway, I am ofski to sort out my own own wardrobe,which is a huge task, as I have a habit of getting emotionally attached to my clothes. It’s going to be an emotional one, so I have wine at the ready. I am also planning a get together for London Fashion Week, so if you fancy meeting up, more details can be found on my post here. Hope to see you there!

Have a good weekend lovelies!

Love, love Bp x X

The never weekly feminist round up

Hello Darlings,

How art thou? I hope you had a good weekend? I had a weekend of work but all for good projects so I didn’t mind. It’s been a while since my last feminist round up, but hey, I’ve been busy! So here is just the tip of the iceberg in what has happened in the world of feminism. It’s going to be brief so take it all in.


The sun were dicks.

There was excitement as The tabloid The Sun, decided to play a media prank by pretending to pull page three. We all couldn’t quite believe it and when we did, it was swiftly shoved back into our faces and we were again forced to motorboat the breasts of the beautiful younglings of page three. I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I would need a blog series to cover it, so I won’t start here. I am keen though to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject.


To Sprog off ,or not to sprog off? That is the question. 

The Stylist wrote a great article on the much debated issue of children.  I preferred it to this one on Thoughtcatalog “I think people without kids have empty lives and im not sorry about it“. Yikes! The comments section on this makes for interesting reading. Does anyone else read the comments section or am I just a lonely sad comments voyeur?!

Whats wrong with society in on screen capture.

what is wrong with the world



Just reminding the media this happened.

Just a brief one for now, otherwise I will never find a blogging / work life balance. That is one New Years Resolution I am happy to share. Work smarter not harder.


Let me know you thoughts on the above lovelies!

Love, love Bp X

If you’re Stokie and you know it clap your hands ( and stick your oat cake in the air! )

Alright Mate?! Ouw at?

For context I am feeling a bit home sick for the “North” ( according to everyone in London, North of Watford is technically the North) and I wanted to greet you in my peoples most traditional way. Ok, that is a lie. If I was to great you in the traditional “Stokie” way it would be “aye up duck?!”. Before you ask, yes, I do say the stokie “ook” and pronounce it-  “book, look and cook” instead of the wrong, and oh so incorrect way of saying “book” as “buck”, “look” as “luck” and “cook” as “cuck”. Basically people, you all disgust me with your “new English” ways...I joke, I joke! But there is truth in the fact that the potteries dialect is the closest to old English we have. So who is saying English wrong now huh?

potteries oatcake

Oat cake, the stokie national dish <3

I also call everyone “shug” ( down south I tend to  say “lovely” more,  as they get confused by “shug” ) and it was my nick name when I was living in Shrewsbury, so when I saw this article I was white hot angry. Shug is rude? Shug is cheap!?

Shug is beautiful. Shug is endearing,unlike you mr “sad inside”, “mr “Elcuntaro”, mr “just go fook youself” …you get the point anyway!


Shug is me. Break me in half and like a stick of Brighton rock I say two things, “Natalie Dormer” and “shug”. So to insult my people saying shug, is to insult me. And I am much more terrifying when I am righteously defending my people than I ever am defending myself, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, that is a well scary event. lol

So what about you BBz, do you have pride in your accent and back ground or is it a something that you don’t define yourself by?

Have great weekends my shug- a- lumps <3

Love Bp XX

Rocking with my crock out


I’d just wrote a lovely long post when my cat decided to sit on my keyboard whist I was otherwise occupied with the kettle. She some how magically managed restart my computer in the process too. Impressive skills. So this update will have to do my lovelies.

I have had a pretty crazy week so I was happy to chillax at the weekend. I went for drinks for a friends birthday in Islington. I also got my crock pot on and made a spag bol in the slow cooker. I really am becoming a fan. How rock n roll is that sentence? The taste of slow cooked food is very nice, in foodie terms, it has a nice “depth”.

It was nice to know there are a few more history buffs out there than first expected, going by the response of my last blog post.  Thanks for sharing.

So I have decided to share a “dress of the week”. This was was shared by Cozy vintage Corner on Facebook. It’s stunning!! <3

From behind <3

Simply beautiful.

Anyway bedtime calls so catch up soon my lovelies hopefully with less pussy cat dramas!

Love, love BP Xx

90’s Heavy soled shoes have A lot of soul, and rubber.

Good Evening Bbz,

It was pouring with rain outside last night. Hello Autumn! Whilst I can try to ease the pain by imagining wonderful colourful scenes of fallen leaves, Halloween parties ( blog post about costumes coming soon)  and bbq’s with sparklers on Bonfire Night, I still cannot forget the fact that Autumn is actually pretty wet. It’s bloody miserable and usually right at the time when you are trying to do something fun. So I won’t get my hopes up about my cosy outdoor evening dreams being fulfilled (first world problems). 

On the walk home the path was flooded, and it was a bit of trek to avoid the mini pools that had collected in my chosen route . Fortunately the fashion gods have been kind (Thank you, Anna) and 90’s heavy gripped boots are back in fashion, so my feet didn’t get too wet.

On the final corner I came across a jogger who was obviously tabbing in front of me. I watched him run ahead, his rucksack bouncing on his back and wondered if he been a hero, and run in the epic rain fall that had been plattering down for the last hour, or had he just decided to “try it” , ran out his front door, seen the path was flooded and there was a girl balancing kylie mingoue style around a puddle and thought “fuck this”, turned around and started running home.

Never Forget.

We shall never know.

In other news, I have named my kitten. She is now entitled “Pudding” mainly because she is a pudding [Noun; Bunnypudding meaning bundle of fluffy love]. Therefore I have made a page about her so that I can keep track of her antics, here. Other fellow cat people are welcome to join in the cat love of course. This will hopefully prevent the rest of this blog turning into a cat shrine. Am I alone in becoming a bit of a cat lady? Do I need a family and friends intervention?

Anyway I am offski to do a a little bit of work, so I will make sure to say hi If i pop by your blogs!

Much Love, BP <3


Hello Darlings,

I hope your weekends are getting off to a good start? Mine had a wonderful start to the weekend, I was mewed awake. I have recently become the proud carer of a kitten. I am in love, and have completely become a cat woman.

Less this.

more this.

I now have an affinity with the woman I see on the walk to work every morning, standing outside her flat, wearing a grey dressing gown taking her cats for a walk. When you look at the little face below though, can you blame me for my sudden crazy turn? She is a complete menace, which makes me love her even more. We are discussing her name. As my partner is on tour, getting time to properly discuss such an important matter is hard. I rather like “pudding” though.

Say hello.

In other news, I went to the National Wedding Show on Friday with work. It was really good, as a bit of a craft fan it was lovely to get to perve on wedding stationery until my hearts content. There were some fab things  on show such as the singing waiters ( amazeballs) and string quartets.

As we are near October I am now consumed with the thoughts of Halloween costumes because, as we all know, I take dressing up very seriously. 

So I’m searching the internet looking for inspiration (which I will soon be sharing, you lucky things) Are any of you doing Halloween this year? I’d love to see any outfit creations!

I am getting to really revel in the Halloween festivities as I am performing marketing for where I work, so I really get to ham it up. I remember when I was in high school I used to go my friends house where her mum would completely kit out the house in Halloweens decor. “Now this is how I am going to do it” I used to think to myself, so my children had better bloody like spooky things.

My fave Halloween creation was “Amy Winehouse”. She was still around then, so it was done in celebration and fandom.I had to wear a huge beehive wig. I loved it. Amy and I both appreciated the eye flick, so the make up wasn’t too much effort. I even wore fake tattoos in all of the same places.

Trying to get out of the outfit drunk wasn’t as much though.

Anyhow, I’m ofski to play with the kitten. I promise I won’t make this blog become a cat shrine and will let you know the final decision on the name soon. Have a great Saturday Bbz.


 Bp x x

The Feminist Weekly Round Up

 Just a quick one this week Bbz, but clickalicious none the less.

Have a gander and let me know your thoughts below.

Britian First really pulled a number when they used an image of Afghanistan’s first female police officer Malalai Kakar who was shot dead infront of her son outside of her home in 2008 as a Islamic extermist. 

lana slezic


Nipples, those cheeky little scamps made an appearance at London fashon week.Nice to know that they are in fashion now. I’ve been rocking them since the 80’s, so you know. I know I’m fashion forward.

A model showcases a new design by Erdem's Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Vogue announced we were in the “Era” of the booty. Which is surprising as I wasn’t aware we didn’t have any “booty” eras before. Even more bootilicious was this video from JLo and iggy azalea called “Booty”.


There you go.


I kinda enjoyed it though. Those bootys have power.

On another less consensual note, more nudes of celebrities were released. This is beginning to get real tired.

Jezebel had an interesting article about women who regretted motherhood. They also had an article that discussed reasons why women may date fatter men to make them feel better about themselves. hmmm.

You Prefer to Date Fat Guys So You Don't Feel So Bad About Yourself

They also had this article that is about a subject very close to my heart, about why you can never truly lose your regional accent. What do you think of regional accents? I’d love to know!

The Huffington discussed “what it is like to be a woman online”  which is rather amusing. Where Buzzfeed interviewed 9 women about their experiences online. Oh the joys of the internet!

I rather like doing the image posts, so I will do another one very soon but in the meantime enjoy these images about what motherhood is really like by artist Alyson Aliano.

Stamford Hill Hackney council had a little drama this week by having to remove signs instructing women what side of the road to walk on. How delightful. I must admit I do get confused without signs.

Embedded image permalink

The Marysue reports that Kansas city my outlaw catcalling. Interesting idea!

They also published this letter from father and author Peter V. Brett about the comic book worlds lack of female merchandise available in the shops to inspire badass little girls.

My sailor moon heart agrees.

Anyway lovelies I am to roast a chicken, because that is the way I roll. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Lovelove Bp <3  Xx

BunnyPudding In Florence.

Recently my best friend got married. I am still considering this fact as it is very weird. I still think we are 17 and quoting clueless to each other in her bedroom. The lovely man she is married to is half Italian, so they decided to have the wedding ceremony at a church in the countryside, just outside Florence. It was was fabulous. I traveled over there with one of my most faveourite ladies, pictured below and her lovely boyfriend.

The three of us go way back, all the way back to high school in fact, and this is why I have to be nice to them and go to their weddings and stuff. Because they know everything.EVERYTHING. On top of that, they are rather cool, so it isn’t too much of a burden. We were asked to choose our own bridemaids dresses and believe me, with me, this is easier said than done and I had to drag the bride all around central London trying to find a black dress I liked. Turns out Summer isn’t the season to find a black evening dress.

I was eventually saved by ASOS but still took 3 different contingency dresses just in case. ( no, really)

When we first arrived in Pisa airport we decided to take a detour into Pisa its self. Right outside the airport there is a bus station, you can get a 20 or so minute bus ride to Pisa city station from a couple of Euros and from there the Pisa tower is just another 5 minute bus ride away.

It was amazing to get there. As you are all aware, I am a big history buff, so I was imagining how it would have been during the renaissance and forcing my knowledge onto Ify. She loved it. Honest.

As we have no shame, we took as many selfies by the buildings as was physically possible, and I would do it again if you don’t stop me. We didn’t go into the Pisa Tower, as I am saving that for when I go with the Boi but we went into the church which is free and I highly recommend it.

I was shocked by the size of the buildings but they were just as beautiful as I imagined. It’s not just history though, there is a museum and little markets inside and on the entrance to the site. I brought the Boi a Pinocchio pen, because you can never have enough pens.

We of course did the traditional “pushing up the Pisa Tower” photo, and yes, the below is literally the best one. It’s actually rather hard to get a picture by the tower that doesn’t have a zillion other people in shot.

I wore the worst sandals that day, which ended up breaking a few days after that ( boo sandals,boo!) but otherwise it was so much fun. When we went into the church it was amazing, the art work inside is beautiful. I was most pleased.

If you have read any of my old France tour posts with the Boi ( And I will have to share some further photos from that) you will know I love the art in churches, and I am not even religious.

But if I am truly honest, what made the trip was the gelato Now that shiz is good. I ate my own weight in Lemon citrus flavor. My gwad that stuff is like crack in a cone. I must have gone back to the stand 4 times.

So came the wedding day and I was staying with the brides family in their villa. It was beautiful and styled in the modern itallian theme.It was lush. This was the view from the roof terrace.

Because of this I got to enjoy the buzz of the family getting excited pre-wedding. We got ready and went to the brides house which was also an amazing villa. If there is one thing that I have learned from this trip, it’s avoid hotels and always look for villas on offer as they are a bit cheaper and you get so much more for your dollar.

The Bride went ahead of us in a vintage car and we, the bridemaids, were let down by our taxi, so do not be fooled by the picture below, we were mid panic –

Luckily for us one of the bridemaids spoke a bit of Italian and we managed to find a contingency taxi. Unfortunately we were also fighting against Florence fashion week traffic ( Fashion darling, it follows me) But we got there in the nick of time and the ceremony was beautiful. I may have cried a bit. Alot. May have threw myself down the aisle “the Graduate” style

The reception was on a roof top in with a perfect panoranic view of the Florence skyline. And yes that is as wonderful as it sounds. There was also a 7 course meal to enjoy which was amazing. Look at my face, could I be any happier there?!

There was plenty of wine and true to stokie form, it got drank. My god did it get drank.

It was the perfect day and one of the best weddings I think I will ever get the pleasure to go too. The photography was done by a lovely lady cal Mary Kate. I could recommend her enough.

I will certainly be visiting florence again as I have the Italy bug. It was every thing I Imagined and then some. Have any of you ever been Italy? Let me know below, feel free to leave the links ( I am nosey like that)

Love,love, BP Xx

So I do Some Stuff In London.

I love living in London. I hate it too, but most of the time I love it. I moved here a year and a half ago and I still ponder the transition from my starting off point, from Stoke – On – Trent to here, in London Town. I’d always wanted to live in London, and like many brooding younglings, I dreamt of running away to it’s embracing bright lights and promise of adventure. I remember being 15 and my coach driving past London on the way back from a school trip to Disney Land Paris. I wondered what the lives of teenagers living here was like and took comfort in the fact that I’d get here eventually. Plus, I had my new Aaliyah cd to listen to when I got home, so it wasn’t all bad.

Now I am in London I do try to enjoy it as much as I can. It’s expensive but if you look around there is always something you can do for free, and I am very fortunate to have a few friends who work in radio, one being my house mate Beave. Sometimes we get complimentary tickets to go to gigs which is always nice, but they always seem to happen on the week before payday so we can’t really make a night of it and eat and drink out etc. Still, free music. Not complaining.

I work near oxford circus which is tourist central and so, made for entertainment. Just avoid Oxford Circus tube station at rush hour. Eurgh, And always grab the free paper. Avoiding eye contact is harder than it looks. So is turning a page on a moving tube train whilst standing, but that is another blog entry.

Recently a few of my closest friends have moved down south, so I have become very spoilt in the amount of time I get to see some of my most favouritest people. One of which recently got married, which gave me an excuse to take a trip to Florence, Italy. Get in. I will write about that shortly ( I admit I am fashionably late in reporting these things, but as they say, a good girl keeps a diary, a bad girl doesn’t have time)  It was also one of my friends birthdays and we all got to catch up after the excitement of the wedding. Here is a picture of us drunk on prosecco –


I do enjoy an ironic duck face now and then.

I also got to touch base with my friends sister who is in a band called toochi which was lovely, as I used to go to their gigs when I was at university. I made them flash the old business card as I have a slight obsession with them.


I work in marketing don’t you know? I do actually have a business card. It is also pink.

In other news, it is London Fashion week and my, haven’t the streets been a cat walk. I’ve seen some amazing outfits tottering around in heels on Oxford Street. As well as the usually overly dress dandies that usually loiter out Top Shop. I will try to get some pictures for you, its just rather hard to take a picture of a stranger and not look weird.

I have also become slightly obsessed with some blogs. There really are some creative sorts out there and it is nice to be able to bask in a pool of talent. I’ll make sure to share more linkys again soon, including some history sites. I never knew there were so many secret history buffs out there!

Anyway my darlings, have great evenings and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ( which isn’t much)

Love, love BP Xx