I have recently become a carer to a lovely kitten. I have decided to call her “Pudding”. She is growing so fast so I am making this page to keep memories together. Cat people are welcome to indulge in the cat porn.

You’re welcome X

Week Two –

❤ More Coming soon ❤

pudding love 005 pudding love 006 pudding love 010 pudding love 012

The first Week –

Snoozing on the back of the sofa –

  pudding 019 pudding 018

You think butter wouldn’t melt in her little mouth would you? Pah! Behind those eye is a little terror I promise thee!

pudding 009

No sure if she should let me take a picture or to jump on my head. She choose jumping on my head.

pudding 002

❤ My fave pic, from when I first got Pudding home, kissing herself in the mirror…obvs my kitten!  ❤

pudding 001

If you look in the mirror you can see the amount of carnage she made after two minutes, bye bye washing pile!

Pudding is rather found of the back of our sofa.

❤ Love BP ❤