Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and all that jazz. We all have something that no matter what grey mood we are in always manages to cheer us up ( even the grumpiest of people. Nothing makes a grumpy person happy quite as much as knowing their grumpiness is effecting everyone in the room..trust me I work in marketing- *ahem* I mean my boyfriends is a full time grumpy pants) As  Ms.Golightly would say:

Oh, that too but I meant:

And today I want to share my Tiffany’s with you. Even as I type a titter starts to erupt in me like a catholic school girl in a rather disappointing sex – ed class. Every time I watch this clip I laugh, even when the boy was away on tour for 7 months and I had lost my job and was feeling completely full of woe, clicking this video and watching all of it’s glory always made me smile:

Chris Kamara, I <3 you