Tickle Me Tesla!

I still think this is one of the funniest things I have found on the internet..I suppose it’s another Chris Kamara-ra-rasputin style treasure, where it never fails to raise a smile-

Oh Tesla, you enigmatic sex bomb you. Telegraph me some time yeah? 


Hope you had a great weekend BBz, me and the boy have had the hangovers from hell today..please pray for us (or if you really care, maybe bring us a bacon sandwich? I will <3 you forever) Anyway the glare of the screen is too much for my humble, hungover little eyes so back to the pit I go. Errr ..

Like an abusive lover I just can’t quit you Jager! 

Night night Lovlies, BP Xx

Stroking a cute owl whilst cackling manically on a Monday.

Where on earth has the weekend gone? The floozy. Showing off her wears for all to see on Friday eve only to scoot off faster than an irate badger commeth Sunday morn.  I have no idea where my weekend has gone, part of it obviously fell into the pit of  alcohol ( you Queen of the harpies you) and a bit contributed to time spent appreciating le bed ( you feathery siren) otherwise I have lost several hours and wish to have them back.

It’s safe to say things have been moving fast this week and I have been able to recover from the snow delay and will be posting my first interviews soon. (hoo fucking ray!) In other news, I have no other news, which in my book is always a good thing.

Monday commeth

As for the rest of this evening I will mainly be manically googling pictures of cute owls. Why? Look, LOOK-

I dare you NOT to go and Google further pictures of cute owls after that.

or sneezy pandas-

Good night BBz <3