Bunnypudding does Digital PR

Super quick update as I have a few long winded posts I will make live in the next week but I just wanted to share a few bits and bobs with you. Some of you may know that I work in digital marketing and digital PR. As it is a bit of a niche subject I go to the trouble of discussing what digital PR actually is over on the Drum website, because I like to teach people and most of all, I adore the sound of my own voice – even if it is just people reading the article in my voice.



I also pop up one of their Vox pop discussions about how much control we should give influencers in our influencer marketing efforts. You know me, always available to give an opinion so I was happy to do it. Delightfully, the amount of messages I’ve received following this article has been fabulous, albeit mostly people asking me what hair dye I use.


I am a natural orange thank you very much.

Let me know your thoughts and questions below BBz as I adore feedback and it makes me feel special and important. If you need more of me in your life – and why the devil not? You can, of course, follow me socially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and for more professional endeavours you can follow me here.

Love, Love BP.


Getting My Blog On

It’s been an odd few weeks in the blogosphere and by odd I actually mean sloooooooooow. There is nothing, nothing worse than submitting a lot of articles that your eyeballs have spent several harsh office lighting filled hours scanning, editing and reading only to have to wait for movement on anything.

Type,type,type,email.Wait…*tumble weed*


“Not even I, Tumbleweed, am moving “

Thus is the life of a content writer but there you go, there’s the ups and the downs with any job. It’s hardly brain surgery but it has it’s annoyances just less brain juices. Anyho Monday started with a bang and it’s nice to get a bit more fruit for my labours and seeing some lovely articles up there for people to read. As anyone who does copywriting is aware some of these articles can be subjects about anything down to plus sized bras or lawn mower maintenance, so you can appreciate that we want some justification for the time spent producing particular articles. (Please note I am not fortunate enough to have worked with plus sized bras or lawn mowers, yet. When I do they will be the best damn articles ever conjured and should be posted paste haste.) 

Ironically as I type this I should be uploading articles onto bunnyhops, so maybe I had better hop over there before I choke on my blog entries! EEkk 

In other news let’s take a minute to appreciate Beyonces recent success. 




Be- fooking- yonce:

Seriously. Words fail me. How fierce does she look? My gwad Gladys, my gwad. 


I’m off to do some work, laterz peeps xX