The (ok, so it’s been over a week but it’s a catchy name ok?) Feminist weekly round up!

Hello Bbz

It’s been a pretty crazy few months in the world of feminism ( isn’t it always?) So I am gonna jump right into it.

Tim Hunt (would change the surname to a rather humorous swear word but from his comments he obviously has neither the depth nor the warmth of one of those) made a little “joke” that got a few people pissed off. By few people, I mean half the population of the world.

Between falling in love and crying these lady scientists had a few hilarious responses to his comments which made it all a lil bit sweeter. If you want a daily fix check out the vagenda’s fabulous social campaign response by searching for #DistractinglySexy

Seriously though, bloody hell Tim! We can’t take you anywhere can we?! Either way he has recently responded and he’s learned his lesson. Read your audience next time Tim or call your self proclaimed feminist wife, she seems like a good sounding board for any future jokes.

What isn’t so cool is him losing his job, he may make bad jokes but he also saves lives with his research, so you know, maybe forcing his resignation may save PR for the university but the world certainly has lost something. PR people are sometimes really stupid and shortsighted. I bet they are female.

One of my Girl crushes Amy Schumer confirmed that you can be above size zero and “catch dick”.

“I’m probably like 160 pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want, like, that’s the truth. It’s not a problem!…I didn’t lose my two front teeth until I was in 5th grade, which is late. And that very same week, I got my period. Which is early. So I was just this jack-o-lantern with tits walking around, and I had one of those moms that was like, ‘You don’t need to shave above your knees.’”

Remember peeps if you are going to out and catch dick, please do it safely and make sure that the dick you are catching isn’t actually attached to an even bigger dick ( we’ve all been there..) because you deserve a dick that is attached to decent human being. Listen to Aunty bunnypudding, she loves you. She wants you get your petite morts and respectful cuddles without having to suffer emotional scaring by morons.

Angelina Jolie continued being amazeballs in her campaign to cease rape being used as a weapon of war. Even offering a few ideas (between falling in love with Tim Hunt and Crying)

“We need policies for long-term security that are designed by women, focused on women, executed by women—not at the expense of men, or instead of men, but alongside and with men. There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free and educated woman, and there is no more inspiring role model than a man who respects and cherishes women and champions their leadership.”

Preach Ange, preach.

Oh and tell us something we don’t know – mothers are the most under paid people in the world (other than you know, slaves) and to add to that fabulousness to cover the cost of the stress caused by sprogging off, one would have to earn an extra $66k a year…on top of the $120k she doesn’t get paid for the work she does at home. Nice.

We will end on a goodnote with sharing the “good news feminism” tumblr. Check it out if you don’t want to become constantly depressed after reading articles about the world.

Still a bit glum? Well BITCHES take a look at this fabulous video of the bootylicious Luisa Omielan. Self esteem ahoy!

Now I am off to play with my belly fat and wiggle my thighs. Remember, when in doubt, upgrade.

Until next time my lovelies!

Love, love BP Xx

feminist weekly round up 7th july – 13th July

Well ding dong,

Apologies that this week’s feminist weekly round up is a wee bit late, I have just been a busy bee, as previously discussed. I went to stay in the country this weekend, which was very replenishing and hayfever inducing…There really is something about England in the summertime isn’t there? Anyhow, on with the round up – 

So we have all heard about Magaluf girl and gone through the media farore, as well as all the wonderful slut shaming  (le sigh) regarding her performing sexual acts on 24 men whilst pissed in a bar. While a lot of people were throwing stones, I, like many others was just in awe of her stamina. Whatever your thoughts on the subject ( and I would love to hear them) it’s interesting to see the debates and discussion that have arisen from this story.  As someone who works in marketing I found it rather fascinating to read about the video advertising issues that the mirror had to then face.

A tragic story from Pakistan, where a pregnant woman was a victim of honor killing in Lahore, for marrying against her families wishes. What was bad about researching this story was when I Googled it, there was more that there one recent stoy about this subject to look at.

An interesting article on “lad’s Mag’s” cropped up from the Guardian in my news feed, where actress Romola Garai talks about her thoughts on ladsmags, and the fact that she has benefited from them as well. I did a project on lads magazines when I was studying and it is a really thought provoking area of the media to research. On one hand, tits, they aren’t bad you know? but then, tits, aren’t just for sex you know? All very debate worthy.

Observer News

And speaking of ladies in the media, Kiera Knightley discussed her desire for more females to be featured more prominently in the film industry, which when you consider stats like these , you can see her point. I love cinema, I really, really do, so I am happy this subject is being discussed more and more.

Racial stereotypes were written about on where they shared their thoughts on the “Sassy black sidekick” character.

The huffingtonpost shared this very catchy tune from singer Meghan Trainor, called “All about that bass”. Which is a positive anthem that celebrates women of all sizes, apart from skinny bitches. Not sure the irony is intended but it’s much, much better than “blurred lines” So I ain’t complaining.

The Huffington also had this article about an armpit hair experiment in a gender studies class, you can even get extra credit for it! Hard choice, do one less task and get extra credit for laziness, or have no arm pit hair and be better liked on the tube. It’s like Sophie’s choice.

This very funny article about sexism in comic books was also shared on my facebook page but had to give it a shout out here too.

Why Must Dudes Ruin Perfectly Good Superheroine and Action Franchises with Their Requests for Diversity?

Stop! The beauty maddness was another contribution from huffington post, which discussed the stop the beauty maddness campaign which want’s to “suck us in the guts” with their frank ads about the high expectations of the beauty myth. To be fair I have seen so many campaigns like this I don’t feel sucked in the guts, but like the sentiment anyway.

We end the weeks FWRU with another week, another experiment about beauty and sexual attractiveness, this time on dating ap Tindr. Now I know very little about this ap so I felt very old fashioned reading the article, but the girls at work have filled me in on it’s uses. It’s like a supermarket for picking people up. This experient asked the age old question “do men really prefer the natural look?” or is it all just lies,lies,lies!


The article comes to the conclusion that men love a bit of slap but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of that jazz.

Anyway I am ofski to drink tea but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above!

Until next time lovelies, BP <3 Xx