Stroking a cute owl whilst cackling manically on a Monday.

Where on earth has the weekend gone? The floozy. Showing off her wears for all to see on Friday eve only to scoot off faster than an irate badger commeth Sunday morn.  I have no idea where my weekend has gone, part of it obviously fell into the pit of  alcohol ( you Queen of the harpies you) and a bit contributed to time spent appreciating le bed ( you feathery siren) otherwise I have lost several hours and wish to have them back.

It’s safe to say things have been moving fast this week and I have been able to recover from the snow delay and will be posting my first interviews soon. (hoo fucking ray!) In other news, I have no other news, which in my book is always a good thing.

Monday commeth

As for the rest of this evening I will mainly be manically googling pictures of cute owls. Why? Look, LOOK-

I dare you NOT to go and Google further pictures of cute owls after that.

or sneezy pandas-

Good night BBz <3

Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

Whoot Whoot!

Today was Monday. Monday, sucked ass. Correction, Monday morning sucked ass as I now feel that Monday in fact kicketh ass. Either way Monday featured a lot of ass references.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt (55 pics)

I’m having one of those dilemmas at the minute, where it appears no matter how hard I work I just can’t seem to make progress, it’s like walking through wet sand except I wasn’t given warning of the weather conditions and therefore didn’t have chance to purchase crazy patterned wellies to cheer my cockles as my feet get metaphorically wet. I am determined to get on top of it this evening and once completed I will be riding the rainbow horse to happyville complete with a bottle of rioja and shiny shimmery hair full of erm, magic dust,

or I may just put my onesie on and eat crisps, haven’t quite decided yet.

In other news, one of my besties recently mentioned this little ditty and now I have this on repeat: