I’m Alive ( I’d ask For Refunds on Those Hits you ordered!)

Hello world! Yes, I am back. After a few weeks of frantic box packing and panic cleaning leading to eventual giving up and just resorting to black bin bag stuffing, I am finally in my new flat.

SO what have I been up to? Not much really, just getting into my new job and trying not to get run over, all whilst trying my very best not to purchase shoes.

Which has reminded me of this little ditty…Oh Tragique the memories!

Anyway thus far, only splurged on the Matalan £5 shoe sale. Yes, I epically failed and  brought several pairs of “work” shoes (reasons for buying shoes excuse #1263 ) but it’s ok…more shoes for same price as pair of actual shoes I normally buy, can’t be bad, right?…gulp.

Have been proactive and set up the entertainment system, and by entertainment system, I mean my mutha fucking sega maga drive with original game pads and games.

Thats’s right, I just wrote that.

It’s amazing and tonight it is world of illusion. If you don’t know or know of it and want to your heart filled with childhood memories, watch this bad boy –

Epic gaming a hoy! More to come peeps but for now I have to bond with a few “why didn’t I bin that when I had the chance?” Boxes.

Night night! BP xX

Happy Bloody Easter!

Happy Easter BBz,

I hope you are all having a bloody great Easter stuffing ones face with Easter eggs and roast dinners, be it with the family or on your lonesome! My Easter can pretty much be summed by this –

43 Things British People Know To Be True


Seriously, I am not a shots gal anymore…ouch!

Thus  far the house hunt is going well and I have some viewings in some really nice places this week, which if nothing comes from it at least it is progress from the original search of  vile box room followed by vile box room…I have broadened my area search but tightened my requirements and it’s really working! Basically own bathroom, nice double…not more than 6 people in the house..as trust me,  from experience it only goes horribly wrong when you have a lot of people using one kitchen. I don’t cope well with hunger. In fact Beave used to carry around an emergency snickers for times when hunger would strike, as I get that grumpy –

So I wouldn’t want to, you know, cause carnage because I couldn’t make a sandwich.  Hopefully by this time next week I will have great news about a new abode, until then I am just not going to worry about it. It will happen one way or another!

Am currently back in  Shrewsbury desperately trying to pack up my flat as I agreed to viewing on Tuesday…one problem…the bloody bank holiday, DRAT!..therefore can’t take things to tip..great! Not that my flat is a mess, it isn’t, but I wanted it to be perfect for my landlord so he got everything sorted asap. He’s  been bloody wicked with the move and everything and last thing I want is someone to turn up and see all my “unwanted” life laundry boxes in the flat. Oh well. To be fair I think everyone suffers from this affliction when trying to sort out their life with minimal time-

But it totally isn’t my fault this time ( honest)

The good news is I managed to get a cheap train ticket home…and first class too ..YES! Knowing my luck though the train will get cancelled or something but we will get there in the end.

Fingers crossed Peeps. Have a great day off tomorrow, I’m sure most of you will hangovers from hell!

Love love, BP Xx