Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels ( Other Than Food)


Yes skinny feels really good for a bit, then you get hungry, groggy  angry and just irate  Then the only thing that feels better than hungry feels is, well, eating.

It’s a fact .

This makes me sad, so very sad –

The above is not sexy. I am climbing a mountain on Saturday to rise money to feed starving people fatter than this. I’m not judging, I get it. I really understand those who are mentally ill. And not in a “I totally get rap as I have a black friend” way. I’ve been there, felt it, seen it, smelt it and watched it in others too. What I don’t get are industries that tell the little younglings in my life that the above statement is something to aspire too, and is a mark of success. It isn’t. Did the suffragettes worry about their weight? Mother Theresa?  Why does the media promote the belief that success is achieved when a woman finally achieves complete and utter “thinness” , and in the process for an extra bonus , completely and willingly make themselves disappear? Notice how the picture hides her face? She’s just a body. A shell. She’s not a person. She’s achieved “perfection” and you don’t even know who she is.

I want more for people.I’d prefer a brain in a jar than a pretty body.Be honest what would you rather take to a desert island? Brain jar to chat to or perfect shell?

Just a ponder…Night night BBz Xx

Tuesday News…*tumbleweed* Pass Me The Wine, stat!

As a dyslexic who blogs and writes for a living,  I can completely relate to this little ditty-

Exciting times ahead peeps, I am currently working on my new blogs and I even branched out into entertainment  (a secret passion of mine) Ch- ch-check out the results here – bunnypuddingblogsthebiz

Having Major spacing issues with wordpress at the minute ( why!?!!!!) So my interviews are suffering, they will be with you asap but may or may not be reallycloselyspacedtogether.

Is it the weekend yet? Seriously having a case of wine ‘o’ bloomin clock from like, 10am every morning at present  ( bloggers please get your shit together and post my articles, no one understands that it’s like, totally you and not me at present and that is a problem! ) But otherwise even more excitement ahead…Snowden on Saturday with team Honk , sponsor me here   and then London town baby.

Busy little bunny! Muchos love BBz and I hope you’re all keeping well?

<3 BP Xx

It’s Time We Discussed HONK! ( I Don’t Just Mean As In Honking Boobies!)

Hello Beautiful people! I have the pleasure and privilege of joining the wonderful Team Honk in a sponsored climb of Snowden ( yes as in the mountain, and before you ask my boyfriend will be on hand to provide medical care 5 minutes into my climb)



Please make us look very busy and important ( and more importantly give a little to those in dire need who live around us and in the third world. Me and the boy will ♥ you long time if you do and yes, if we hit our target I will post pictures of me crying/passing out/eating all the minty energy biscuits before we have even left! sponsor us here –


I appreciate your support and look forward to blogging about my adventures!….I also get to fulfil a little blogging dream of mine, I get to meet some of my beloved UK Mummy and Daddy bloggers…SO FOOKING EXCITED ( I’d have to be to be willing to do exercise!)

Hope you’ve had a great weekend BBz and shall be posting my new interviews and London adventures soon..on another note I will be in London March 3rd-5th does anyone have any advice on any people or companies willing to meet with me about helping get promotion and funding for my charity? Can’t give too much details away but very, very exciting time ahead. All advice welcomed  <3


Love love <3

Tickle Me Tesla!

I still think this is one of the funniest things I have found on the internet..I suppose it’s another Chris Kamara-ra-rasputin style treasure, where it never fails to raise a smile-

Oh Tesla, you enigmatic sex bomb you. Telegraph me some time yeah? 


Hope you had a great weekend BBz, me and the boy have had the hangovers from hell today..please pray for us (or if you really care, maybe bring us a bacon sandwich? I will <3 you forever) Anyway the glare of the screen is too much for my humble, hungover little eyes so back to the pit I go. Errr ..

Like an abusive lover I just can’t quit you Jager! 

Night night Lovlies, BP Xx

St Valentines Day

Today is St Valentines day. Today is a day where we celebrate “love” because St Valentine himself was torn apart by angry and abused lions in an arena a few thousand years ago, for the entertainment, of an audience of indifferent people.

I don’t know about you but I can totally relate my previous adventures in matters of the heart to such a scene. I think we can all agree that our hearts have at some point been “broken and torn for the entertainment of others” so yeah, totally get that.

What I totally don’t get is this-


What I hate about valentines day is that it is exclusive, you have to have a loved one, if you don’t, stay at home.


No, I refuse to see my single sisters stuck at home with this-

Because the stigma of being “single” on valentines day is too much. ( Neither do I appreciate my single brothers being stuck at home with this-

They deserve much better quality sexual aids.

Men, if you want to show a girl that you love then this valentines day,  why not show one billion of them-

Ladies, if you want to show some love for someone this valentines day…cover me and say I was with you the whole time, ok?-

I told you I’d got this. 

Have a great days Peeps!

<3 BP

Interview With Steve Todd (Media Production Master)

I recently had a bit of a catch up with a good friend of mine, Steve Todd.

I met Todd at university and it’s been a cornucopia of creativity ever since, not only is he the owner of one my fave accents ever ( my friendship group are a diverse sounding bunch!) But also a great sense of humour and work ethic. I’m poping down at the start of March to cause further Carnage but in the meantime I got him to tell me a bit about what he has been up to-


 Hi Steve, how ya doing? Tell us a bit about your self –

I’m doing fine thank you. I’m 27 years old and I live and work in London. I currently work under the ‘Sit-up Channels’ filming for Bid Television, Price Drop TV, and Speed Auction. I also have my own broadcast set up and editing suite where I work freelance doing corporate productions, music videos, spoken word/poetry videos, and most recently fashion editorials. I do whatever work I can get my hands on! The more experience the better!


Oooh exciting stuff, so what have been your most recent escapades?

Recently, aside from working at the Bid TV studios, I have been doing a few fashion editorials. The most recent was for Evolve Magazine, featuring the model Jada Sezer. 1 week prior to this I completed another fashion editorial for Plus Size Model Magazine in the U.S, again featuring the model, Jada Sezer.

Jada “My future wife” Sezer. ( I am in noway jealous of your life Todd!)


Why do you do what you do? 

I love to film and edit because it really gives me a buzz, and there is no other industry I would rather work in than media. Working for Bid Tv doing live studio camera operations is great, its creative, versatile, and so much fun. Plus you get to learn so much! Its a great starting place if you want to persue a career in TV studio operations.

In terms of the extra work I do, i.e. fashion editorials, these are so much fun. You meet so many interesting people from all over the world.

Do any factors affect the choices of materials you use?

 Sometime yes, depending on the weather, the materials around me, i.e exterior or interior. Sometimes different lighting needs to be used etc.

What pitfalls have you come across in the industry?

Pitfalls/negatives? Well I find that it can be very hard getting your ‘foot in the door’. This is certainly the case within the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to film the Ideal Home Show, where I filmed a catwalk and interviews various models. From here I managed to network with them.



How do you class success and What do you class as success in the industry?

Success is different for everyone. I would say being successful is all to do with how you feel as an individual. Success to one person might be getting a job filming for the BBC, and for others it may be releasing their first feature film. I guess everyone has a goal, and once you reach that goal, then your successful, as you achieved what you set out to do.

So what’s next Mr Todd?

Next for me….

I’m filming London Plus Size Fashion Week, which starts on Friday 15th Feb. I am hoping to continue working within fashion, doing fashion editorials for Jada Sezer and other models, and hopefully push that side of things forward.



What advice would you give just starting out?

I would say, for anyone starting out in media, do as much work as possible when given the opportunity. At first you will find people will want to test your skills so may offer you free work. Take it! After a while you will start getting paid work.

Its very tough at first, especially freelance film making. Just follow your dreams and push really hard for what you want. Use websites such as for work experience and also paid work. Be versatile, and do your research if your going into a project with little experience.


Finally, Any internet/artist/music/something of interest that we simply need to know about? ( completely pot luck we’re open to being introduced to anything here at BP )


-and good websites for media work. – media jobs, broadcast jobs, digital jobs, television jobs, tv jobs, film jobs, radio
Launched in 2001, grapevinejobs is now the best source for media jobs in TV, film, home entertainment, music, post production and new media
My work can be found at:

Under ‘uploads’

I’m mid process of getting a proper website together but my contacts are-

My twitter – @stevejtodd

Contact me sometime!
Thank You Steve!
More from Steve to come in the very near future. If you have any questions comment below and I will get Mr todd to answer them for you asap.
Laterz BBz xX

Worried about valentines day gifts?!

Ms Pudding can help!

This inspired me so much today, I don’t do Valentines day anyway ( I LOATHE the day, actually loathe it. If it got ran over I would check it’s pockets for change and then continue walking level of loathing…)

So bloody true. Love, as in human love, that emotion, that life altering experience  we believe separates us from the “animals, heathens and George Bush”  isn’t based on showing those who are the nearest or dearest to us that we appreciate them (whom, to be fair should already know that you care , if they don’t I recommend that you wind your neck in, put the massive cuddly bear down and in the words of a wise women off TV “know your self” )  It’s the khmer women who tidied me up after a bike crash in Cambodia, it’s the homeless man who helped me get home in London… it’s showing that person that you don’t know that you care, that you want no harm to come to them and that you believe that their existence is of no less importance than yours.

Now that’s the greatest love story never told.

A bottle of plonk and a box of chocolates will never change the world quite like the kindness of a complete stranger. Make someone have the best Valentines day ever, without actually knowing them.

Here endeth the preachy lesson (sorry!)

One <3 BBz Xxx

Update- Monday Carnage Part trois

Trois as in page Rank 3! 

I am not ashamed to say that when I first noticed it I took a screen shot as I thought it was just a glitch in the tool bar. After 42 refreshes I realised it may in fact be my real Yey!

Thank you all for reading my random warbling’s and I promise there’s plenty more to come <3 Thank you BBz!

To show my appreciation please enjoy this delightful film about a teeny tiny piglet-