WestBoro Baptist Church Get’s Pinked Massed, Zimmerman & FSM..Oh My!

Happy Friday BBz! I hope you in the UK are enjoying the sunshine?! You international people, I hope your staying fabulous.

This rather brilliant Vice site recently posted this little ditty on my facebook news feed-

vice mag

Now don’t get me wrong I am not associating myself with Satanists or any other extra curricular necro hobbies, I just think it’s a pretty clever protest in terms of turning the tables and reflecting peoples actions. A few people have commented stating “shes innocent and should not be involved”…exactly, it’s awful to desecrate or disrespect the dead, but how do you get through to people who will happily picket the Boston bombing victims funerals? Soldiers killed in action funerals? These people are completely fucked up, and to be fair, my morals aside ( and there are reservations about this protest, of course!) it’s when seen in the simplest terms,  fucking funny, and I hope they feel at least for a moment, a percent of what they make their victims feel every time they begin to picket and preach about God hating fags etc at funerals.

God loves Fags, otherwise why would the “almighty” have invented them? hmm? God loves Black, white, Cuban and Asians..and more!( thanks Will Smith for the quote)

 In fact the British invented slavery based on colour ( sorry there guys, as a Brit I kinda feel residual guilt for that, but we also make great music as well as perform terrible historical crimes..so the good traits with evil yeah?!) …not God..so erm…yeah before that shiz in the 17 century slavery was all “class” based ie. If you wore a toga you were a Roman, you didn’t then you were not a Roman and presumed slave, that was it. I’m not discussing xenophobia or cultural fear etc here, just the theory that white people are better then black, or Asians or Eskimo people, they aren’t.

I’ll be honest I’m 70% Atheist so all of this is bull shit to me anyway. The other 30% is spent in worship to the FSM-

<3 Ramen <3

Believe what you want just don’t be a twat, ok? Be nice, love each other, enjoy the community religion offers you and remember to keep the “fun” yeah? 🙂 –

 And people don’t hide behind religion to explain why you hate something, be honest and just admit you’re a bigot/racist/ sexist whatever.  Capeesh?

On another political note, I saw this video on the great site upworthy the other day, it really struck me. Now as I am from the UK we don’t really get this whole American obsession with guns and shooting the crap out of each other thang, well unless it is in a desert in Asia. We’re more into the whole “stabby stabby” on the street type of violence,  but we do try to keep abreast of the news over seas, and so the Zimmerman case is pretty interesting to us over here-

Thoughts anyone?

Anyway I am off to get ready for France….eeei pictures and updates on that coming soon..whoot whoot.


Turds In Space

OMG this is the funniest thing I have seen on a long time. I found this beautiful exchange at this group on facebook . It’s actually communications between the Apollo 10 space craft and HQ on Earth, during which a little friend pays a visit. The Apollo 10 mission was flown May 18th to May 26th 1969.


Words fail me! Haha Happy Friday lovelies, I am currently packing for le France but more on that later..Mwah, have great days BBz and remember BP loves you long time Xx

So The Gym Is Hell On Earth

Yes, I have joined a goddamn gym and yes, its fucking awful. I mean it Bbz, I am not going to lie to you and say ” I love the burn and felt great afterwards” No. I hate the burn and felt pain, pestilence and began hexing the machines afterwards. But at the end of the day if I insist on feeling like this-

Then I am going to have to pay in sweat and work. Having already done the whole eating disorder thang, I’d rather dread going to the gym every day for an hour ( pfff who am I kidding…30 minutes) than have an actual phobia of calories and be constantly comparing myself to every single human female on the planet. That shiz sucks arse, mainly because it’s not allowed to suck on anything else ( calories!!calories everywhere!) and it didn’t make me happy. To be honest who gives a flying fuck if I have a thigh gap, muffin top or bootylicious ass…I do not EVER notice when a girl walks into a room and instantly think “oh my god her outfit is shit, her nose her fat, her eyelids are over weight and her thighs, OMG her thighs…eurgh and her hair…oh my god her hair”



No, I just think “oh some girl just walked into the room”

Trust me when you start analysing what YOU think of people rather then what you presume they are thinking about you, the world becomes a much nicer place. One day looong ago ( not that I’m old, *ahem*) I was walking down the street with an Ex of mine and he suddenly stopped and looked at me and said

” You’ve walked down the street with with me for the past ten minutes only pointed out the women who look nice in their summer dresses”

And isn’t that the truth? When you think about it, times we feel at our most lowest / insecure the daggers come out and we become  hyper critical bitches, as lets honest, it makes us feel better and detracts from the faults that we feel in ourselves

Ie- point them out before someone points them out to us.

When we’re happy we don’t even feel the need to notice other people, other than to offer them a smile..think about it, tis true. So next time someone tries to insult you, feel sorry for them rather than agree, what good nice person goes out of there way to be horrid?!

I love that quote and it’s true. If we judge everyone on one general standard, in this case looking like this months current trend on the “beauty scale”, then we will be completely missing the greatest aspects in someone else who maybe eats a pie , or two, or three, maybe with a side of mash and some veg..yeah that’s it and some gravy, yes, poured all over, mmm… I digress ( and now have a huge craving for pie)

Anyho, now I have managed to motivate myself and made myself feel better ( and had a bit of a rant, you know how I love them ) I will now start the mental task of preparing for the gym…only to be followed by-

Nicki Minaj

 Hope your enjoying the sunshine Bbz!

Muchos love, BP Xx