I Went to Burger and Lobster and ate lobster and here is where I discuss this event.


Having been born a no name slob with expensive tastes I am, when funds allow, a bit of a foodie. When funds don’t allow ( which is more often ) I take treats where ever I can get them, so when my boss ( hi boss, you look great today! ) took us for a team bonding session I was happy when it involved food.

I work in oxford circus, so there are some great little hidden gems about. We had wanted to come burger and lobster for a while but they don’t bookings, you just rock up and if there is a table, you’re off. So we performed some forward planning.

IMG_7199 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy  IMG_7205 - Copy - Copy (2) IMG_7207 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy IMG_7209 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Not too much though as it’s reputation had preceded it and when we got there, a hoard of Chinese tourists were queuing outside. They were so cool, and I loved the hat’s they were wearing on the sunny day. We really do need to wear sunhats more in Britian, they really are cool. Anyway, hat envy aside we got seated, as it was bigger than expected and we went straight for the main course. Lobster.

I of course took the necessary precautions. The bib is in season anyway, so I was rather happy at the freebie. If you have ever met me you will understand. If you have ever met me when I have  been hungry, you will know this act was futile.I would spill something on me, at some point. IMG_7215 - Copy - Copy

After the last restaurant faux pas where I committed the blogger cardinal sin of not taking photographic proof of the event, I made sure to bully my co workers into taking lot’s of pictures of me eating for your enjoyment.

Fuck yeah, lobster! Yeah, in meh belly.

  IMG_7225 - Copy  IMG_7229 IMG_7231 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

We had the main dish, lobster with a side salad and chips. It was amazing. It was such a shame I couldn’t fit any more into my stomach. We had to order more of the butter sauce, mainly due to the fact that it was that amazing and I wound have drank it from the serving jug.

IMG_7234 - Copy IMG_7236 - Copy - Copy IMG_7239 - Copy - Copy IMG_7241 - Copy (2)

kudos to my co workers who managed to take breaks between their feasting to take pictures of me shoveling lobster into my gob, and keeping to my good angles. cheers.

IMG_7243 - Copy         IMG_7263 - Copy

IMG_7265 - Copy

On hearing there was desert, I was most pleased.-

IMG_7267 - Copy IMG_7269

I somehow managed to find room and I ate my ice cream with the true ladylike grace they teach us girls from stoke- on- trent. I even had earl grey tea in a cup a saucer ( With milk, because I am a uncouth monster )

IMG_7270 IMG_7271 - Copy IMG_7273 IMG_7274 - Copy

But lets all be honest, it was totally all about the lobster. And the butter sauce. I’d certainly go again. More info on the menu and prices etc here.

Differently one crossed off the list. Any recommendations for places for me to visit are most welcomed as, you know, it gives me an excuse to eat!

Laters BBz Xx

Rock Lobsters and Busy Bees

Apologies BBz for my very fashionably timed bog post, 

I have been a very busy bee seeing family up north, so I hope that you can forgive me!

Not too long ago I lost my old facebook account, which was very distressing, as not only was I forever losing my comic middlename, but I also became untagged from many, many night out photos. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I wasn’t a camera carrier myself in those days. Therefore I have no pictures of my own to reminisce about until someone tags me in some of their old pictures. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered these old ditties from when I had just graduated and lived in Shrewsbury. It was a friends birthday and her choice of theme (she loved having a theme and threw the best parties because of it!) was “favourite animals”. I remember her going as a beautiful peacock, another as a tiger, and there were a few sexy zebras and bumble bees dotted about.

I came as this – 



Yeah mother fuckah! I went as a lobster. I love a good lobster

I was so happy to see these snaps where I felt I performed my greatest reenactment of the “mean girls” Halloween party.You know which one I mean – 



My only sorrow is that my ebay purchase didn’t come with claws. I had to make them quickly using a long ago stolen hotel room sewing kit and my imagination. I wasn’t the most random outfit in the end as I eventually bumped into a cockroach, and my friend kimbo came as an earthworm. It was amazeballs. 


I even won a bet with my friend Line that I couldn’t keep my outfit on all night AND dance, pah! I partied all night. *fistpump* 

The best thing about this outfit is that my dad went on to wear it to my mothers 50th birthday party. He just walked in the restaurant after desert. I have ever been so proud.

Am I alone in now looking forward to Halloween?!


Love, love BP xX